Olivia Vivian Makes History On ‘Ninja Warrior’, Backflips Up The Fkn Warped Wall

Ninja Warrior Australia is well and truly underway now folks, which means the immense feats of human strength are making us all do these faces:

Last night’s episode was a real doozy, though. Because the extremely quirky/adorable former Olympic gymnast Olivia Vivian became the first woman in Ninja Warrior history to backflip the fucking Warped Wall.

Check it out:

I can barely walk up the fire stairs at work without pulling a hamstring, so watching that made me feel equal parts inspired and also really, really unfit. Meanwhile, MOOD:

Olivia is also the first female to complete the Warped Wall during the heat stages.

The success puts Olivia through to the semi-finals, where she’ll go head to head with her partner Ben Polson, who also made it through. Australian Ninja Warrior airs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights at 7pm on Nine if you wanna keep track of these incredible machines.

Ridiculously good areas, congrats you insanely fit human being.