‘Ninja Warrior’ Has Been Kicked Off Cockatoo Island Thanks To Noise Complaints

In what could only possibly be described as a stunningly ‘Sydney‘ development, Australian Ninja Warrior has been booted off Cockatoo Island due to noise complaints.

Channel 9 chief executive Hugh Marks told the Herald Sun that the problem is largely their filming hours and also the acoustic qualities of being on an island:

Where we’ve been on Cockatoo Island, we’ve always had noise issues because water carries sound very well, and production can’t start until sunset.

It would appear that the sound of unfeasibly ripped people doing heroic feats of strength is enough to ruin the tranquil peace of the average harbourside mansion.

Marks said that it’s possible that the show will move to Melbourne, due to Melbourne having a track record of being “a great supporter of Australian content“.

This season will contain the ninja debut of Corey Worthington, who you might remember from that time he had a party then wore sunglasses afterwards and who is now as shredded as a packet of grated cheese.