The home of Sydney’s biannual art love-fest (that’s the Sydney Biennale) and everybody’s favourite re-purposed, industrial-chic cavernous warehouse space, Cockatoo Island, will play home to free street art festival Outpost Project from November 4th until December 11th.

The festival is the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, featuring over 100 local and international street artists and collectives. Its biggest drawcard, however, is set to be the exhibition of private collection Oi You! which contains more than 70 works by prominent international artists, 23 of which are by notoriously anonymous (or is that anonymously notorious?) street artist, Banksy, who comes fresh from his stint as a producer of UK Channel 4’s Antics Roadshow: An Incomplete Guide To Total Anarchy.

According to Executive Director Geoff Bailey, “this will be the first time so many works by Banksy have ever been seen in Australia. People are fascinated by Banksy’s art and by his identity, which has never been revealed. This is a private collection showcasing an art movement that has become a global phenomenon.”

Other exhibiting artists include Faile, Swoon and Micallef as well as Melbourne’s Miso and Sydney’s Beastman, both of which will be participating in a workshop for bright young aspiring Banksy’s aged 15-18. So if that’s you, put down the aerosol and get involved in government-endorsed street art on Cockatoo Island. You know you want to.

Via Time Out