‘Australian Ninja Warrior’ Is Coming In 2017, And They Want Your Buffness

Are you a CrossFit fanatic who’s tired of keeping your skills confined to the gym?

Are you dying to showcase your b’dass parkour abilities to a national TV audience?
Are you a bad enough dude to climb fifty feet of rope and ascend to the very top of Mount Midoriyama?

The stupidly popular ‘Ninja Warrior‘ series has made its way around the world after catching on in its native Japan, and now it’s finally coming out here.
Channel Nine announced the commissioning of a local version of the show, to be entitled ‘Australian Ninja Warrior.’
The show, based on the OG Japanese series ‘Sasuke‘ and its various English-language iterations, will follow the same hyper-athletic format that sees competitors throw themselves through a series of increasingly bonkers obstacles, including fan favourites like the salmon ladder, the rolling log, and the always dreaded warped wall.
Nine’s head of content Adrian Swift, confirmed the show will be coming to Nine in 2017 via a statement.

“Australian Ninja Warrior is the massive new format that welds sport and entertainment together.”

“It’s the biggest and most impossible course in the world that will be tackled by everyday Australians who think they’re fit, fast, nimble or hard enough to get to the finish.”

And if you think you’ve got what it takes to run the course, Nine would very much like to hear from you.

Applications to be on the show are now open, meaning it could be you who is the ultimate NINJA WARRIOR.

Honestly? If any of us could somehow manage to throw our soft, shitty bodies through that course, we’d put “ninja warrior” on our gravestones.

Source: Mashable.