Foxymoron Jane Turner (AKA Kath) Hits Back At Recent Claims ‘Kath & Kim’ Was Problematic

Hello peoples! I’ve come here to share some Kath & Kim tea (or should that be toi?), so don’t get jiggy with me.

Jane Turner, who co-created the iconic Aussie series and played foxymoron Kath Day-Knight, has addressed the so-called ‘problematic’ aspects of the show, including claims that it was classist and ‘mocked Westies’.

“A newspaper critic had criticised us for mocking Westies, which I don’t think we did,” she told TV Week.

Her defence? They were using ‘yumour.

“We [the characters] were more middle-class than that. We weren’t bogans who wore moccasins and were scungy.”

Jane added that many ‘Westies’ were in fact huge fans of the show and ditto myself, as a Westie.

“A lot of people wrote to the paper saying, ‘Well, we’re from the western suburbs and we love it,’” she said.

The noice, different, unusual series is now streaming on Netflix and airing on Channel Nine.