A Vid Of Chris Hemsworth Smooching Kath Day Knight Has Resurfaced & Someone Should Check On Kel

I am nothing if I am not a mad Kath & Kim stan. I am also nothing if I am not a mad Chris Hemsworth stan. And despite the inherent Aussieness of both, you’d never really think of the two together, would ya? Let alone a Kath & Kim character actually SMOOCHING Chris Hemsworth.

I’m a proud, proud member of a Kath & Kim Facebook group called Da Kath & Kim Appreciation Society and today I spotted a video from the noughties shared in the group, in which our favourite foxymoron, Kath Day Knight (Jane Turner), makes out with Chris Hemsworth, who was a ‘yuge Home & Away star at the time.

The video featuring Kath Day Knight and Chris Hemsworth was for Comic Relief Australia, so it was for a good cause, but I like to think that the two hot Aussie icons were just secretly heaps horny for each other and made it happen.

Check it out below:



Chris Hemsworth is currently in Australia filming the fourth Thor flick, Thor: Love & Thunder, and it was recently revealed that a bunch of cameos can be expected, including one Melissa McCarthy who has been fanging for a Thor cameo for ages now.

There are also rumours that Zac Efron, our new honorary Aussie, will pop up in the movie as well, although director James Gunn has poo-pooed that talk, but directors have been known to lie in order to keep the surprise going.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, would it be too much to ask to have Kath Day Knight / Jane Turner cameo in Thor 4, Thor: Love & Thunder, alongside Chris Hemsworth so they can recreate this smewch plsssssss?