Influencer Jadé Tunchy Is Copping Heat For Using Her Platform To Get Refunded By A Small Biz 

Aussie influencer Jadé Tuncdoruk (aka Jadé Tunchy) is getting flamed like a red hot Dorito online after pressure from her Insta followers resulted in a small business  giving her a refund on her honeymoon.

If you missed it, Jadé was called out by the insta @celeb_spellcheck for a series of now deleted posts about her honeymoon which was booked for March this year.

She said in the post that after she and her fiancé Lachie Brycki postponed their wedding back in August of 2021, they contacted Weekenda (the small biz they’d booked their honeymoon through) and requested a refund.

Jadé then accused the company of saying that the best they could do was relist the couple’s holiday online and see if someone else booked it. She then complained that the company denied her a refund.

“Six weeks out of the booking and we’ve again asked for a refund which they’ve denied. They’ve had months to refund us for a booking that we don’t need.

“They’re taking our money just because they can. It’s just incredibly poor form and so disappointing that businesses are taking advantage of people in the middle of a pandemic.”

Except the business isn’t taking advantage of anyone because a no-cancellation policy is literally in their terms & conditions.

Credit: @celeb_spellcheck

As pointed out by Celeb Spellcheck (aka the Influencer Accountability Enforcement Agency), Weekenda’s policy says that you can’t cancel your holiday and get a refund after you’ve paid for it.

Credit: @celeb_spellcheck

Plus they’re a small business in the travel industry, one of the sectors hit worst by the pandemic.

Jadé Tunchy then posted another story saying “not y’all following them” directed at her followers.

She then revealed a little while later that the company had refunded her and Lachie.

“They’ve agreed to refund us our stay! Thank you for your help,” she wrote.

She’s now been copping loads of flack online after her hundreds of thousands of fans exerted pressure on a business with, like, 6000 followers.

In the caption of the post, Celeb Spellcheck thoroughly called her out.

“Congratulations on not reading the terms and conditions, then using your followers to bully a small business into giving you a refund,” read the Celeb Spellcheck post.

“We’re almost two years into the pandemic, 99% of us have had travel plans fucked by cov*d. It sounds like it was her call to cancel, not due to lockdowns or government restrictions out of her control.

“If a small business was willing to list the accomodation and refund me if it got booked, I’d say THANK YOU!” 

The commentors were similar critical of Jadé’s post. As one person wrote, travel businesses have been some of the hardest hit over COVID.

“They’ve had months to refund her? Lol hun, they’ve had months of just trying to keep their head above water due to covid, just like every other hospitality industry and many others,” they wrote.

“Interesting to see how much covid really hasn’t affected certain types if the most inconvenient thing to happen to them is to postpone as wedding.”

“Imagine asking people who already pay your bills through influencer sponsorship to also advocate for you to get refunds in spite of the fine print. ✨guys, help me, I’m rich and famous✨,” said another.

Jadé Tunchy posted a now deleted Insta Story (as per the Daily Mail) in response to the backlash defending her post

“I’m every bit entitled to request a refund from a business that’s charging me $2k for accommodation I don’t need. I gave them eight months notice. Eight months!” she wrote.

She also accused Celeb Spellcheck of bullying.

“I’m so incredibly sick and tired of this foul page encouraging bullying and harassment towards influencers just because they can. We are human beings?

“I emailed the business on multiple occasions trying to sort the refund out and unfortunately posting about it was a last resort.

“If you guys want to bully influencers because you hate them, sweet! But don’t act like you wouldn’t all sit at home trying to get the refund yourselves. I don’t think one of you commenting, DMing and harassing me would sit there and give up thousands of dollars for a service you don’t need.”

Yeah but most of us also don’t have a platform of almost 500,000 people watching our content and listening to our frustrations.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to both Jadé Tunchy and Weekenda for comment.