A New Tool Calculates How Much $ Influencers Make Per Post & Surprise Surprise It’s Fkn Loads

An online calculator is sussing out exactly how much money influencers make per Insta post and hoo boy, I’m clearly on the wrong career track. Someone fetch me a matching Gymshark set and teeth whitening kit and I’ll meet you on the gram.

The tool is called the Influencer Marketing Hub, and it estimates your earnings from Instagram based on engagement and number of followers. Sadly, when I tried out my username (journalistic research, of course) the calculator came up with an error message, which bodes badly for my chance of scoring money via #ads.

Apparently, at the time of writing the calculator is out of order due to a high volume of traffic – surely caused by everyone in the country trying to figure out if they technically count as an influencer.

The Daily Mail ran the numbers on a couple of Aussie influencers who are apparently scoring big, big bucks via sponsored Instagram posts. A note for anyone curious: the calculator automatically puts the earnings in US dollars, so the Mail converted them to Aussie bucks.

According to the Mail, the calculator puts Tammy Hembrow‘s earnings for a single sponsored IG post as anywhere between $37,850 and $63,1000.

The MAFS girlies also seem to be trucking well, with Jessika Power scoring $1,500 to $2,500 per post and Martha Kalifatidis scoring $2,580 to $4,300, according to the calculator.

Ah, the joys of capitalism. To be fair, I don’t think any brand would be willing to pay me thousands of buckerinos for slightly blurry pics of my dog and/or friends, which is the current extent of my Insta skills.

Other TV stars include Brooke Blurton and Abbie Chatfield, who can reportedly score $1,300 to $2,150 and $1,330 to $2,220 per post respectively.

Nadia Bartel apparently makes $2,270 and $4,500 per post, while Bec Judd could score $3,260 to $5,440.

Fitness influencer Kayla Itsines apparently scored massive numbers at $37,700 and $62,900 per post.

I’m incredibly curious to see how accurate the calculator is, because that is simply so much money. Actual IRL influencers, please feel free to DM.

Now, I really want to craft an elaborate, lengthy experiment where I (somehow) establish myself as an influencer, score a load of brand deals and then check my worth via the calculator. Surely someone wants to pay to sponsor pics of me and my dog?