There’s A New Celeb Spellcheck In Town & They’re Already Biffing With Multiple Influencers

Now that the OG Celeb Spellcheck is out of action, a new tea-spilling page has risen up the ranks and is already feuding with several influencers.

Behold, the best call-outs so far by Celeb Spellcheck 2.0.

7.  How’s the tention?

Kicking things off with a good ol’ fashion spelling error by influencer Will Stokoe.

6. Unearthing a questionable COVID post by Beck Zemek

All I have to say is, what the actual fuck, Beck Zemek?

Just as I thought, TRASH.

5. Jade Tunchy assuming that everyone wants to look like her

Onya Celeb Spellcheck 2.0 for calling out influencers who promote toxic body image culture.

Just have a go at the caption there by old mate Jade Tunchy, will ya? Respectfully, luv: no <3

4. Emilee Hembrow doing the old copy and past Insta caption

After catching Emilee Hembrow copy and paste an Insta caption from a PR, the influencer reportedly hit the block button on Celeb Spellcheck 2.0. Ah well, still a decent LOL though.

3. Maria Thatill with the landfill

The day after posting about World Earth Day with a lengthy and impassioned spiel on Instagram, model Maria Thatill showed off her single-use plastic items on the very same social media platform. How quickly we forget.

2. Jessika Power not understanding the concept of #nofilter

MAFS star Jessika Power writing “no filter bishhhhh” on a pic that has so clearly been filtered, as pointed out by the new Celeb Spellcheck.

You can even see the name of the filter above her caption. Nice California there, doll.

1. Carly McDonagh allegedly trying to sell a free gift she’d been sent

And coming in at #1, the new Celeb Spellcheck waged war against Gold Coast influencer Carly McDonagh and subsequently earned herself a blocking by outing the fact that she was allegedly trying to fang a hair curler that had been sent to her for free from a brand online for $45. Not cool.

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