The Rumoured New Bachelorette Has Now Back-Tracked, Says She Was Approached To Be The Next Lead

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has revealed that the rumours that she was being eyed as the next lead on The Bachelorette weren’t pulled out of thin air – despite calling it “utter bullshit” the day before.

Speaking on her radio show on Wednesday morning, Jackie said that Channel Ten reached out to her to see if going on The Bachelorette would be something she’d consider.

“It came through my manager and I said ‘absolutely not’. No way would I ever do something like that. It is great for your entertainment, but what about me,” she said on The Kyle And Jackie O Show, adding that she didn’t want to be around a bunch of “gronks”.

I mean, I definitely tell my friends I don’t want to be around gronks and yet I still rock up to Vic On The Park in Sydney’s inner west expecting otherwise.

Of course, Channel Ten even tried to get Jackie to name her price to get her to go on the show, but she still wasn’t interested.

“Nothing, I wouldn’t do it. I would just not do it. Not The Bachelorette. They are just making TV in the end and you are just going to get gronks, get weirdos… I just don’t think it is for me,” Jackie said, before mentioning that she had spoken to former Bachelorette Sophie Monk about her experience on the show.

“There was really no one right for her. Remember Jarrod [Woodgate], the stage five clinger with the pot plant?” she recalled.

Oh Jarrod, I hope he’s well.

ICYMI, the rumours were kicked off by gossip mag Woman’s Day, who claimed that Jackie was feeling ready to get back in the dating game after splitting with her husband in 2018. The source said that she is “ready for her close-up, more than ever before”.

The insider also told the mag that the KISS FM presenter was turning to her mate Sophie Monk for advice, as she appeared on the franchise in 2017.

Although Woman’s Day sources should always be taken with a grain of salt, the reason why we do humour the tea sometimes is because it often comes from insiders with actual intel. Sure, she’s not the actual Bachie this time, but they were right about her being offered the role!

Jackie previously denied the rumours on The Kyle And Jackie O Show on Tuesday morning.

“No, no, no I am not. I’m not doing it,” she said, as her co-host Kyle Sandilands teased her.

“So you’re not going on The Bachelor? But Woman’s Day said you’ve signed up and you’re getting tips off your friend Sophie Monk on how to navigate all of the bachelors,” he asked.

“Well, it’s all untrue, Kyle. It’s all bullshit,” she replied before Kyle said some yucky things about her body. You know, the usual.

This reminds me of that time Sophie Cachia got upset on IG about the rumours that she was going to be on Aussie Survivor but then appeared on the next season of Survivor: Blood v Water.

Denial doesn’t mean shit anymore. We’ve got to stay vigilant. We’ve got to be on our toes.

Also, from a television ratings perspective, I can see why Jackie O would be a great fit. She’s basically Sophie Monk in a different font, and that season did pretty damn well.

Over the years, fans have been incredibly vocal about wanting older contestants who truly want to find love and not clout. Jackie’s already got clout. She’s a mum. She’s funny, clever and most of all, knows the importance of waiting until an official announcement before running her mouth.

So I’m not saying don’t believe Jackie, just be aware that other things might be at play. This job truly has changed me, I swear to god.

If Jackie really has turned down the role, can we please offer it to another gal who’s 35+ and ideally a POC and/or member of the LGBTQIA+ community?

We’re DYING for some diversity on Aussie reality television.

We’ll keep you posted as more Bachelorette tea surfaces.