Sam Frost Says She Blocked Jackie O On Insta After Suffering “Relentless Criticism”

Ever been randomly blocked by someone on social media and wondered what the feck you did to piss them off? Jackie ‘O’ Henderson certainly has and she’s used her hit radio show to voice her concern.

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During Friday’s segment of The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Jackie told former Bachelorette Sophie Monk that she had been blocked by another former Bachelorette, Sam Frost.

“Sam Frost has still not unblocked me, I don’t know what I did,” she told Monk who then revealed that Frost unfollowed her.

“She used to follow me, that was one of them who’s unfollowed me. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong,” she said.

This isn’t the first time that Jackie has raised her disappointment over being blocked by the Home & Away actress.

“I’ve never spoken to her about it or seen her since,” she said in August 2018.

“I know she was working at 2Day FM and she didn’t block the Kyle & Jackie O [Instagram] account, she just blocked me,” Jackie continued.

“She used to come in all the time, I even did an Instagram post about how much I loved her when she’d just come off the Bachelorette – she was awesome.

When Beau Ryan asked if she ever “talked shit” about Sam, Jackie responded: “Kyle did and I never say anything bad. I don’t know why she’s blocked me.”

A spokesperson for Frost has now spoken out about the reason behind Jackie’s banishment from the ex Bachie star’s Insta.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the rep said the blocking stems from criticism of her former 2Day FM breakfast show with Rove McManus.

“[The blocking] was done years ago when Sam was on radio,” the spokesperson said.

“Kyle & Jackie O’s relentless criticism of Rove & Sam was detrimental to Sam’s mental health.”

Sam and Rove’s show was on the air from 2015 to 2017.