There’s A Red Hot Rumour That Next Year’s Survivor Will Feature Local Celebs & Influencers

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Boil the fucken kettle, mates, because there’s some tasty tea about to be spilled! There’s a wild rumour going ’round that next year’s Survivor will be a celebrity season, featuring a bunch of local stars.

In a recent episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, Survivor All Star Abbey Holmes revealed that next year’s season is themed: Blood vs Water.

Now, in the latest ep of the podcast, it’s been revealed that it’s actually a celebrity season, and wouldn’t ya bloody know it? We’ve even copped a peek at two of the celebs who’ll reportedly be starring on the show!

Apparently the show has already begun filming, and it involves the celebs and influencers taking a family member along for the ride with them.

The first one is Masterchef Australia star, Khanh Ong, who is said to currently be in training for the show.

“He’s been doing a lot of different special intense training sessions to prepare for the show,” a sneaky source spilled to So Dramatic!.

“A lot of strength work and special skills stuff. I’m not sure which family member Khan is taking with him but watch this space!”

The other celeb is influencer Sophie Cachia, who has apparently already flown out to begin filming for the show, alongside her sister.

“She flew out for it early last week,” the insider told So Dramatic! last week.

I low-key believe this, because it was also recently claimed that Sophie signed up for SAS Australia 2021 but knocked back.

She later denied this on her ‘gram, saying there’s “ZERO truth to it,” but as they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And the rumour of Sophie signing on for a gritty competition series has popped up twice now, so there may be truth to it and she’s just trying to throw us off.

Fingers and toes are crossed that our main man David Genat is cast in the show as well, ‘cos a celebrity season just wouldn’t feel right without the Golden God!

But anyway, until it’s confirmed or the cast have been spotted sweating it out on set, it’s just a sneaky, spicy rumour!