Have A Go At This Leaked List Of Celebs & Influencers Who Applied For SAS But Got Knocked Back

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

SAS Australia kicked off last night, showcasing a roster of unfortunate celebs fighting for redemption.

I know what you’re thinking: Who the bloody hell would sign up for a show like that?

Well, it turns out lots of people! Lots of celebs and influencers, to be specific, and apparently a bunch of them applied and got knocked back (some more than once) and I can’t decide what’s more humiliating, making it onto this shitshow or not making it onto this shitshow.

The So Dramatic! podcast reported on its schmick new website that “casting was inundated with thousands of applications from celebrities that didn’t make it past the application process.”

Let’s dive into them now, shall we? But remember to take these with a large grain of salt as it’s just a ~rumour~, but fuck it, we love a spicy rumour, don’t we?

The list begins with Home and Away / Neighbours actress Jodi Gordon who, So Dramatic! claims, applied TWICE, last season and this season, but was apparently knocked back both times. Ouch.

Next up is Luke Jacobz, another ex-Home and Away star who reportedly applied for both SAS Australia and Dancing With The Stars at the same time and was offered both, but ended up going with the dancing show. Smart move, IMO!

This one shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, but apparently Survivor All Star-turned-Bachelor Locky Gilbert also applied and even went through the SAS Australia casting process, but didn’t make the cut.

A sneaky insider told So Dramatic! that “Locky was devoed he didn’t make the cut and was banking on appearing on the show because he loves a physical challenge and needs the cash!”

Speaking of desperate Bachie blokes, Bachelorette flog Ciarran Stott is said to have been in the final stages of landing SAS Australia, but, according to a production insider, he just missed the cut.

The insider claims that Ciarran was gunning for a redemption arc after his reputation was sullied by his shitty behaviour on Bachelor In Paradise.

MAFS gals Jessika Power and Ines Basic reportedly applied for SAS Australia both this year and last year, but, according to the So Dramatic! source, they did not pass the physical test. No shade here, I sure as shit wouldn’t have passed it either!

Other reality star applicants allegedly include MAFS’ Michael Brunelli, Bachie’s Todd King, and Love Island / The Block twins Josh and Luke Packham.

Oh, and last but not least on the list is influencer Sophie Cachia, who was “being seriously considered” but juuuuust missed out on SAS Australia this year. Bummer! Maybe next year.

Head over to So Dramatic!’s stunning new site for more tea.