Grab Yr Torches: The Survivor AU S7 Cast Has Leaked & There’s A Cheeky US GOAT In There

australian survivor season 7 cast rumours

Come on in and join us by the well, because we’ve got some hot tea to spill about season 7 of Australian Survivor. Some of the cast members have been revealed, and it looks like this Blood V Water format is drawing out some familiar faves, including a couple of previous contestants from Aussie seasons gone by.

As reported by TV Blackbox, Mark Wales and Samantha Gash – the power couple from season 4 – are set to return after they found each other on the show back in 2017. Since then, they’ve gotten hitched and popped out a sprog, so it’s no wonder they’ve been picked for the Blood V Water season next year.

We previously gave the hot tip that Khanh Ong of MasterChef fame was set to swap his apron out for a Survivor buff, and now it’s been confirmed he’ll be joining the upcoming season as well. It’s reported he’s copping a $40k payday for his appearance on the show (basically copping an advantage before he even lights his torch), so let’s see how he goes out there in the harsh conditions of rural Queensland.

In the influencer corner, it’s reported that Jay Bruno is also joining the ranks. You might remember him from season 2 of Instant Hotel, and since then he’s apparently made the move to Sydney and now lives with Sam Frost, with reports they’re quietly dating.

Then there’s big influencer Sophia Cachia, who has been pinned to be leaving her well-curated life to tough it out in the harsh conditions in Queensland. She apparently tried out for the last season of Australian Survivor, but is now believed to be tackling the new format against one of her sisters.

Finally, a RED HOT rumour is swirling that Survivor US legend Sandra Diaz-Twine is making the leap over to the Aussie show for season 7. Holy shit, this is huge.

The two-time champion of the long-running American show has competed four times since her debut for Pearl Islands in 2003, and returned as a mentor for contestants in season 39’s Island Of The Idols, alongside Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano. Sandra’s last run in the American series was in season 40’s Winners At War, where she battled it out against 19 other previous winners of the show, and eventually left on her own terms from the Edge of Extinction.

She’s the first contestant to win two seasons, and is an absolute gun at the Survivor game, so holy shit I’m hoping this rumour is true. Australian Survivor won’t know what hit it.

Obviously this isn’t the whole season 7 cast, but a damn good taste at who’s vying for the title of Sole Survivor in 2022. As soon as we find out more about the rest of the incoming Australian Survivor cast, we’ll let you know.