Hugh Jackman Helped Andy Lee Make A Surprise US TV Debut On ‘The Late Show’

Generally speaking, we bloody love whenever a local talent rises through the ranks to make an appearance on a US late night TV show. Our local mates doing good, etc. But for Andy Lee, his late night premiere went a little differently, and it was all thanks to Hugh Jackman.

The story goes that Lee and his partner Bec Harding are swanning about New York City at the moment and, as most Australian tourists are wont to do, managed to score themselves a pair of tickets to a taping of one of many late night shows filmed in the city. In this case: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Check ’em out. Classic tourist poses and all.

As it happens, a stroke of pure coincidence meant Lee and Harding wound up at the taping where fellow Aussie and really good mate Hugh Jackman was booked as the guest.

Jackman cottoned onto his familiar friends – sitting in the front row, if you don’t mind – and suddenly Andy By-God Lee winds up playing a bit part in an episode of The Late Show with actual Stephen Colbert.

Lee put the moment Jackman hugged him in front of millions of American viewers up on Instagram a short while ago, and believe us when we say: It’s so bloody wholesome.

Shirtless shot of Andy in bed right at the end aside, how’s Colbert with the searingly accurate prediction “This moment, right now, is huge in Australia.”

Too bloody right it is, Stephen. Too bloody right.