Labor MP Recites ‘Muppet Show’ Theme In Most Cooked Political Vid So Far Today

It’s a big call to say so, but it’s barely Monday afternoon and we might have already copped the most utterly ridiculous piece of political media footage from Canberra for the week. There’s still a long way to go, sure. But holy shit is this ever gonna take some beating.

[jwplayer wFjMAAd1]

For context, you need to know that Prime Minister Scott Morrison off-handedly referred the Liberal Party‘s bananas leadership changeover week as “The Muppet Show.”

That was on a Sunrise interview which aired last Wednesday. Practically eons ago as far as Canberran time is concerned.

That’s the context for what happened today.

Julian Hill, a first-term Labor Party MP for the seat of Bruce in Melbourne’s outer-east, took that one quip and decided to try his hand at comedy – presumably because of some pressing need to fill the void of political humour left by the smouldering crater of Tonightly‘s cancellation.

Hill fronted media this morning and made his point by reciting – not singing, underlined repeatedly – the lyrics from The Muppet Show‘s theme song.

In a very serious tone.

And then when he was done he just… left.

That he got “celebrational” and “inspirational” around the wrong way aside, what the bleeding christ is going on here? This is some rank, outrageous, Uncle Kev’s had four shandy’s at Patricia’s second wedding and has decided he wants to make a speech-level claptrap.

In the midst of all this Liberal-created chaos, all the Labor Party had to do was just avoid doing weird shit, which for the record includes resisting the urge to go full Dad’s On The Goon in front of the nation’s media.

Canberra, huh. Any chance we can call a mulligan on the whole town and start over, ya reckon?