Andy Lee Repulsed Two Radio Hosts With A Lemon-Sized Abscess On His Ass

Before we begin here, we need to get the disappointing truth out of the way early: There’s no photo of it. We’re as shitty about it as you are, but that’s the sad truth here. It’s just a story, with no visual evidence to gawk at. Much as we all want a close-up shot of Andy Lee‘s ass sporting a crater in it the size of the Mariana’s Trench, it’s not happening just yet. That said, the reactions of people who were lucky enough to cop a look are enough to tide us over. So here we go.

[jwplayer wdPM27I5]

Radio good boy Andy Lee casually managed to repulse a pair of KIIS FM presenters to their very core this morning after regaling them with the story of how his ass sprouted a pimple so large it probably could’ve been worshipped.

Lee appeared on Jase & PJ earlier this morning and told them of how his butt developed an abscess on it that, instead of fading away like they’re supposed to, instead swelled to roughly the size of a lemon before bursting open like it was auditioning for Alien.

After consulting advice, Lee had to get girlfriend Bec Harding to drain the monstrous thing while haunched over a bathtub. Hooley bloody dooley.

It gets better, though.

Later in the interview Lee offered to show Jase & PJ photos of the aftermath, including the void the abscess left which very literally tore him a new ass hole.

Is it as perversely satisfying as a photo of the ass itself? Absolutely not. But we can live vicariously through their pain. And that, as far as this is concerned, is the best we’re gonna get.

For real but, show us the ass shot Andy, you coward.

Show. The. Ass.