Isolation Manifestation: How To Use That Tarot Deck You Bought Ages Ago

ISOLATION MANIFESTATION: Everyone’s on a mission to up-skill in iso and I love this for us, but for some people, cooking, gardening and making clay pots just isn’t a vibe.

When times are tough, I’ve always found that witchy games always bring good energy as they offer reassurance, or at the very least, a form of escapism.

Each week, I’m gonna help you manifest those posi vibes by teaching you a new mystical skill so that you can live your best Stevie Nicks life in iso.

How To Read Tarot

Behold, the beginner’s guide to reading tarot – and I do mean beginner’s, ‘coz when you’re just starting out as a tarot reader, learning the meaning of all 78 cards can be very overwhelming.

I’ve been reading tarot since I was 10-years-old and I still rely on my go-to tarot books to help me decipher the meaning of each card, so don’t feel bad about having to refer back to this or other lists every time you do a reading.

I also find it helpful to suss out a few different sources to interpret the meaning of the cards if you’re doing a reading and it’s just not making sense.

This list is designed to help you understand the basic gist of each card so you can get to know each one, but once you’re ready for more comprehensive insights, I’d recommend consulting in-depth tarot books or tarot-centric sites.

Overall, it’s important to remember that tarot isn’t an exact science – quite the opposite, in fact. It’s all about interpreting what you see in the cards and what you, the mystic, believe it’s trying to tell you.

I don’t wanna freak you out with all the tricky and complicated tarot card spreads so here’s a simple but effect method: the three-card spread.

  1. The reader shuffles the cards, then gives them to the readee to shuffle.
  2. When the readee feels that the cards have been sufficiently shuffled, he or she separates them into three piles.
  3. The reader will flip the three cards and read them as past, present, and future. (Note: the below meanings have been written in various tenses, just relate them to whatever tense the card lands in).


0 – The Fool: The new beginnings card, the Fool indicates that a change / unexpected opportunity is coming. Trust your gut and be fearless.

I – The Magician: A good omen for starting new endeavours and personal projects (starting a business, changing careers, etc). It may also indicate a new person coming into your life – maybe even a charismatic love interest or friend.

II – The High Priestess: Brewing gossip, secrets and tension will result in beef between your friends and / or fam. As the drama hits boiling point, the High Priestess encourages you to trust your intuition and handle everything with grace and dignity.

III – The Empress: Someone close to you needs your love and support, whether they’ve asked for it or not. The Empress is a reminder that you have the ability to bring happiness to others. (Could also indicate a pregnancy in your inner circle).

IV – The Emperor: You’ll need to shine above the rest if you hope to be noticed for the absolute legend that you are. The Emperor is also a reminder to spend more time with a father, grandfather or older male relo.

V – The Hierophant: You’re about to receive some amazing advice from a wise soul. Heed this person’s wisdom as it’ll put you on the right path. The card also advises you to not take any shortcuts.

VI – The Lovers: In a relationship? This love is real and long-lasting. (Yay!) It just might need a little TLC so do something special to spice things up and keep the magic alive. Single? Love is about to come knocking.

VII – The Chariot: Things are changing all around you but, like the Chariot, you’re moving forward in the right direction. Just make sure that YOU are in the driver’s seat.

VIII – Strength: Difficult times are ahead – this card serves as a reminder that you are one strong person. By showing patience and perseverance in the face of tough situations, you’ll walk away an even stronger person. This also points to a sturdy presence in your life who you can lean on.

IX – The Hermit: Gossip and drama will lead you to stray from the pack and do your own thing, to the point where you may start to feel lost and alone. It’s times like this we learn the most about ourselves, so don’t rely on other people for your own happiness – do your own thing. Try not to make any major life decisions until you’re back on your game.

X – Wheel of Fortune: After a spell of bad luck, things will start to go your way again. The Wheel of Fortune sends you the good stuff, but there’ll be an equal amount of time in the other direction and it’ll feel like things aren’t going right. So make the most of your lucky streak.

XI – Justice: You’re being treated unfairly and you’re gonna end up having a dispute with authority. This is good. Stand up for yourself to make sure others understand your point of view.

XII – The Hanged Man: You’ve been clinging to something with all your might (a relationship, a friendship, a job, etc) and it’s REALLY starting to sap your strength. This card is a sign that it’s time to let go.

XIII – Death: Anyone who thinks this card represents a literal death is a right fool. Death represents a door that you need to close in order to find happiness.

XIV – Temperance: You’ll soon find a positive balance in your life. If you’ve been playing mediator between two parties, peace will come your way. If you or someone you know has been unwell, good health will soon return. And if you’ve been overdoing it, it’s time to rein it in.

XV – The Devil: If people are being unfair to you, you need to speak up and say something (not today, Satan). This will release suppressed energy and open the door to happiness. Just don’t wait too long – act now!

XVI – The Tower: After feeling trapped and helpless, like a princess in the Tower, a major life event will clear all the obstacles. When you’re finally free, be careful as you may repeat your past mistakes and end up back in the Tower.

XVII – The Star: See this card as a shooting Star, making all your wishes come true. A stroke of luck is on its way and a dream you’ve been working towards will be realised.

XVIII – The Moon: Just like the Moon constantly shifts, a phase of your life is about to change. Keep an open mind ‘coz you’ll need to trust your intuition and avoid taking the easy way out through silly shortcuts. It could also indicate a pregnancy (for you or someone you love).

XIX – The Sun: The card of success and happiness, the Sun is an indication that the universe is conspiring in your favour. You’ll soon be chasing the Sun in some way, either on a fun holiday, an exciting adventure or an awesome opportunity. Anxieties about your health will ease and new financial sources emerge. Just beware of overworking and neglecting loved ones.

XX – Judgement: Other people’s opinions may be clouding your better judgement, which will lead you to question yourself and make a hasty decision. This card is your wake up call to stop being a fence-sitter and take a stand. Make your own assessment of a person or situation.

XXI – The World: You’re about to be introduced to something or someone new. It’s time to branch out and try new things you’ve never done before. Some travel may even be in order. Just don’t abandon your dreams to live out someone else’s.



Ace of Wands: Only by taking a leap of faith can you truly find happiness. Pondering a new job / career / course? Go for it! It may also indicate a promotion, relocation or unexpected holiday.

Two of Wands: You’ll soon find yourself stuck at a crossroads. Be patient and the right choice will become clear. Sometimes the card can indicate that if a relationship, job, living situation or study course becomes stagnant and dull, it’s best to find ways to revive the sitch rather than abandoning it. Consult overseas contacts.

Three of Wands: Something new is afoot – a new home, new job, or new project. Any creative venture you plan on putting into action will lead to an expansion of opportunities.

Four of Wands: You’ll soon achieve a goal you’ve been working towards for so long, but you’ll start to wonder: ‘Is this really what I want? Or should I explore a different avenue?’

Five of Wands: You’ll need to fight tooth and nail for what you want. If your situation becomes too hostile, it may be time to walk away.

Six of Wands: You will get what you deserve in the end. If you keep working hard and are persistent in what you’re pursuing, then your efforts will eventually pay off.

Seven of Wands: Be prepared to ride into battle sometime soon. You’ll need to back yourself and stake your claim if you hope to achieve your goals.

Eight of Wands: Travel opps, a holiday, or long-distance ventures are afoot. This could indicate a move, a career change, or a fun trip (obvs when iso is over).

Nine of Wands: You’re super super super close to achieving / overcoming something. After loads of rejection and setbacks, success will finally be yours. Just be patient. Everything’s gonna be sweet.

Ten of Wands: You need to cleanse your life of anything that feels unnecessary and redundant (or worse, soul-destroying). The end goal of your endeavours are in sight. It also promises sudden and unexpected support or financial help, and an assurance of good health being restored for you or a loved one.

Page of Wands: Your future is unpredictable (in a good way!). Things are going to get better, but not in the way you thought they would. You may find yourself doing things you never thought were possible.

Knight of Wands: You will realise your potential and want to work towards it, but you’ll find it difficult sticking to your routine.

Queen of Wands: The queen represents a strong desire for independence and an opportunity to bank a heap of cash through a fun new venture, but she’s more interested in personal fulfilment than the dollarydoos.

King of Wands: Go all out to achieve your goal – but don’t be afraid to cast the net wider than you’re used to. Just beware of your arrogance and fickleness hurting the feelings of those you love.


Ace of Pentacles: The most stable of the Aces, a new opportunity will come stampeding into your life. It also bodes well for home projects, renovations or a big move.

Two of Pentacles: Rather than juggling two aspects of your life, you’ve been putting your focus into one thing (be it a job, partner, friend, project, etc). The Two of Pentacles advises you to try and find a better balance.

Three of Pentacles: After a setback or delay, you’ll need to build yourself back up – don’t be afraid to pull all your resources and do whatever’s necessary to do just that. It also bodes well for a property deal, loan or home project and promises that finances will improve. You will also become closer with an older relative.

Four of Pentacles: You need to assess whether it’s worth taking a chance or if you’d rather stay where you are and live comfortably. The risk may pay out in the longterm, but success isn’t guaranteed. It’s time to look into what you really want to spend your time on this world doing.

Five of Pentacles: Your loved ones and / or teachers, bosses and colleagues aren’t offering you the love and support that you need. Try reaching out somewhere else.

Six of Pentacles: Stop being generous and giving to people who aren’t deserving of your kindness.

Seven of Pentacles: Begin a long-term project now, and aim for slow, sensible and steady growth rather than aggressive expansion.

Eight of Pentacles: It’s time to develop a new skill or deep interest that can be turned into a profitable business. It could also indicate a promotion or new job opportunity.

Nine of Pentacles: You don’t need to rely on others for financial security, you can make bank using your own efforts – you just need to work your butt off to make that long-term plan come to fruition.

Ten of Pentacles: The card of long-term happiness, security and family joy. Going through a rough patch at work or in a relationship? The Pentacles promise that any financial or family dramas you have right now will all be resolved before you know it. Just breathe, everything’s gonna be a-okay. It also bodes well for shared business ventures and moves abroad.

Page of Pentacles: Indicates a new beginning after a financial set-back. You may learn a new skill or start studying somewhere new. Just don’t be afraid to try new things! It symbolises hope for the future, even if you do not yet have what you need to manifest whatever it is you desire.

Knight of Pentacles: A positive card, the Knight represents an ace plan for money-making ventures (you’ll just need to deal with some difficult people along the way).  Also, a male in your life will receive some good news.

Queen of Pentacles: This card always appears during a settled period in your life or at a time when you’re about to launch something huge (the calm before the storm, if you will). It signifies the need to be confident about your future, because the struggles you experienced in the past will eventually convert into success.

King of Pentacles: You’re about to meet someone who will want to take care of you – your Knight in shining armour.


Ace of Cups: The card of new love and fertility (either for you or someone you love).

Two of Cups: Associated with twin soul loves, this indicates the union of two people, either in a new relationship, engagement, marriage etc. It could also be two people reuniting after a feud.

Three of Cups: The family celebration card, indicating an engagement, pregnancy, marriage – or something that the whole fam (or group of mates) will be over the moon about. New friends will come into your life, or an old one will find their way back to you.

Four of Cups: Stop being indecisive and just make a decision, damn it. If you’ve been pondering whether or not to take things to the next step with a certain someone, it’s time to make a final decision. It may also warn that you are not fulfilled with your current sitch (at work, in a relationship, at uni, etc).

Five of Cups: You have the chance to mend a fractured relationship with someone but you need to ask yourself, do you want this person in your life? It can also indicate temptation and an affair.

Six of Cups: Indicates a new addition to the family, either through a pregnancy, a new in-law or something of the sort (it will be harmonious).

Seven of Cups: You’ll start to question a slow-moving relationship. Rather than bottling up your concerns, ask questions and find answers.

Eight of Cups: You need to accept that a situation isn’t working and walk away with your head held high (whether it be a fractured friendship, a toxic relationship, a crappy job or a shitty living sitch). This card isn’t just about walking away, it’s about walking towards something new that’ll make you happy.

Nine of Cups: Something will need to take a backseat so you can focus on a work or personal commitment. It also warns that you (or someone you know) needs a period of alone time, rather than rushing into something new.

Ten of Cups: Indicates lasting love, commitment and fidelity. Take a leap of faith and follow your heart. You might also find newly ignited passion following a period of romantic turmoil.

Page of Cups: If you’ve been betrayed or have betrayed someone, effectively shattering the trust, that trust will start to grow back. Just give it time.

Knight of Cups: You (or someone close to you) will use your empathetic skills to navigate a situation. It also assures you that the male figures in your life are loyal and dedicated to you, so trust and rely on them. If there are no men you can lean on in your life, there will be soon.

Queen of Cups: You’ll soon be ready to make a permanent commitment to someone, whether it be a new or developing relationship, a business venture with a friend or a new job.

King of Cups: You should actively look for somebody to help you out on your journey, particularly someone older than you. In the long term, the King of Cups can also indicate a happily balanced life.


Ace of Swords: This card appears when you need to cut through the BS, so to speak. Feeling disillusioned after a setback of some kind? Use the Sword as inspiration to cut through the obstacles and move forward.

Two of Swords: You will find yourself trapped and needing to decide between two things (two lovers, two potential homes, two jobs, something like that). In this case, neither option is right. Seek out a third option.

Three of Swords: Beware of someone who seems too good to be true. If you feel like you are being manipulated, channel the Sword and cut them off.

Four of Swords: You’re in need of a major change but your fear of the unknown is holding you back. Use the power of the Sword to cut through the fear.

Five of Swords: When obstacles arise, be sure to tackle them head on, but calmly and with calculation. Get all your ducks in a row before making a move.

Six of Swords: Better bust out the suitcase ‘coz this card indicates travel, whether it be a trip or a move. Also, a troublesome neighbour or salty colleague will unexpectedly be banished from your life. Baiii.

Seven of Swords: Beware of two-faced people who do shady things behind your back. There may be gossip about you. Don’t let people deflect their negativity onto you – stand your ground. Also, make sure you’ve got trustworthy peeps in your corner.

Eight of Swords: You’re being restricted, either by other people or your own doubts and fears. Cut through your fears – you can do it! You’ll also be wise to use your setbacks to carve out a new opportunity. This could also indicate overcoming addiction and phobias.

Nine of Swords: The card of anxiety – you are about to go through a time of great emotional anguish. However, it promises that everything will be okay, as long as you face your fears head on.

Ten of Swords: Something is about to come to a necessary end. It may suck at first, but you’ll soon learn the true meaning of ‘when one door closes, another one opens.’ Also, if you or someone you know is having some kind of medical operation or procedure soon, this card is an excellent omen.

Page of Swords: This is your cue to get started on your goals. Just make sure you cast a wide net and seek advice where you can, rather than rejecting outside resources.

Knight of Swords: Someone you love will reveal personality traits of theirs that you will find shocking. It can represent the reality that everyone rears their ugly side eventually. You just need to decide if this person’s positives outweigh their negatives.

Queen of Swords: Someone will interfere in your relationship, usually an unwanted female presence (your mother, mother-in-law, another woman, etc). It can also indicate an upcoming break up or fertility issues.

King of Swords: A loved one will start to become cold, aloof, and detached. This could be because of someone who is interfering in your relationship.