Isolation Manifestation: Kill Some Iso Hours By Learning To Read Palms

ISOLATION MANIFESTATION: Everyone’s on a mission to up-skill in iso and I love this for us, but for some people, cooking, gardening and making clay pots just isn’t a vibe.

When times are tough, I’ve always found that witchy games always bring good energy as they offer reassurance, or at the very least, a form of escapism.

Each week, I’m gonna help you manifest those posi vibes by teaching you a new mystical skill so that you can live your best Stevie Nicks life in iso.

How To Read Palms

Of all the fortune-telling methods, palm reading is one of the most widely known and respected.

I’ve never been a fan of the term ‘New Age’ considering practices like palmistry have been around since ancient times. Literally, Aristotle detailed palm reading in his work De Historia Animalium (History of Animals) 2,500 years ago.

It was his view that “Lines are not written into the human hand without reason.”

Dolly Parton believes in it so it MUST be legit. End of discussion.

Simply put, palmistry is the art of analysing the physical features of one’s hands to interpret personality traits and predict future events.

This will be a heaps fun skill to teach yourself when you’ve used up every card combo in Cards Against Humanity and need something else to do while having arvo drinks with your iso buddies.

Plus it’s 1000% free, ‘coz we all have a palm with lines.

use this pic as your guide to locating the lines


As the name suggests, the heart line is all about relationships and gives you an insight into what your love life holds.

The depth of the line indicates the significance of interpersonal relationships in an individual’s life, while the length corresponds with time spent coupled (longer lines represent lengthier partnerships).

Breaks or forks in the heart line can suggest multiple lovers, transformative bonds, or even infidelity.

Long, straight line: You’re v. considerate and always thinking of others. A rational thinker, you follow your head over your heart.

Short, straight line: Your world doesn’t revolve around your love life – you’re driven by other things. Put simply: it doesn’t spark joy for you.

Long, curved line: You’re very in touch with your emotions and have been known to shed a fear tears.

Ends below your index finger: You’re very much satisfied with your love life.

Ends below your middle finger: You fall in love easily but can be selfish in your relationships.

Wavy line: You will have many loves in your lifetime – a few of them will be serious.

Steep curve, ending below and between the middle and index finger: You’re a very flirty (read: thirsty) person.

Broken line: Denotes many heartbreaks and emotional drama.

Touches the life line: You get heartbroken easily and often.


Because our mind plays a vital role in shaping our future, the head line denotes our intellect, wisdom and future pursuits.

Located in the center of the palm, it also reveals the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime.

Short line: You’re a doer rather than a thinker, which means you often make hasty decisions.

Long, deep line: You have a sorted head on your shoulders and always think things through, but have a tendency to overthink.

Wavy line: You’ve got a short attention span.

Curved line: You’re a creative and romantic type with a strong intuition.

Circle or cross in the line: Expect major emotional turmoil.

Multiple crossed: Soon you’ll have to make some BIG decisions.

Separate from the life line: Some epic adventures are on their way.


Relax, your life line doesn’t determine how long you’ll live – it points out your experiences, vitality, and zest.

The depth of the line indicates your quality of life, while the length reveals others’ influence on your path. A short life line signifies independence and autonomy.

Long line: You’re a strong and empowered person. A great friend and a tower of strength to those around you.

Short line: You’re being manipulated (perhaps gaslighted) by a certain someone (or someones).

Curved line: You’re a bright spark – a passionate person who just loves life.

Faint line: You’re lacking energy and adventure in your life.

Breaks and notches: You’ve been working yourself too hard and not looking after yourself, now your energy is depleted. Slow down and focus on your health.


Not everyone has a fate line. Also known as the line of destiny, the presence of a fate line indicates a major life event or duty that you’ll have to take on.

Our palms naturally evolve over the course of our lives, but the fate line transforms the most frequently. Whenever you’re experiencing a massive shift, whether personal or professional, take a look at the fate line. Has it changed?

It’s believed that itchy hands are a sign of upcoming changes.

Deep line: You’re strongly ruled by your destiny. Just follow your heart and continue on the path that feels right.

Breaks: External forces will create a change in your life.

Joins to life line: Your dreams have already come true. You have everything you need. Smile and be happy.

Starts at thumb and crosses life line: You have extremely close ties to your friends and / or family. Cherish them.

Hope you enjoyed this lil introduction to palmistry. For all the palm reading-experts, please note that this has been written as an easy-as beginner’s guide to the craft.

Now go forth and force your iso buddies to offer up their palms for interpretation.