Good evening friends and welcome to Friday. Lockdown sure has thrown us for a one-two fuck you, hasn’t it? As a way to predict what the hell is going to happen from here, I decided to consult the stars, read into the heavens, and whip out my tarot deck.

For anyone unfamiliar with tarot, I decided to shuffle my deck up and do a Celtic cross reading. This means that I was presented with 10 cards in the end, each representing a different facet of the subject matter. The subject matter today? Sydney and the lockdown we’ve been slapped with after all these cases have emerged.

So, without further ado, let me show you what I saw in the cards.

tarot sydney lockdown COVID-19

Makes zero sense, right?

Well, allow me to explain everything that I saw.

1. Our current position – The Nine of Swords

ten of swords

Ahh yes, the good old card representing mental anguish. Not really a surprise that I pulled this out for a reading about Sydney heading into a fkn lockdown.

Basically, the card is exactly how it looks, being thrown into a state of anxiety, worry and possibly even depression over the news of a brand new lockdown. Most of this anxiety comes from the fact that we were in this situation for much of 2020, and are about to jump straight back into it.

Hate it here.

2. Our current challenge – The World

the world tarot

At this point, I think my tarot cards were laughing at me for being a dumb bitch and trying to read into the future of the lockdown.

The World basically means travel, exploration, taking flight. It can also represent the cyclical repetitive nature of things.

So yeah, our challenge right now is (most of us) not being able to travel or leave the house for any reason whatsoever. Our challenge is also having to deal with lockdown despite having already gone through this shit before.

Hate it here 2, electric boogaloo.

3. Our recent past – Eight of Swords

eight of swords

Haha, get it? She’s stuck. Lockdown.

This entire tarot spread had a lot of violent cards and a lot of swords, because swords represent the mind and mental health. In our recent past was a lockdown (a few depending on where you live), and the mental stress of that is something we thought we overcame, but alas, here we are.

4. Our close future – Six of Wands

six of wands

Sweet, sweet victory! The six of wands is all about being praised for your accomplishments and victories, as you deserve to be.

Basically, we’ll all be patting ourselves on the back for putting up with all this bullshit, but only if we can overcome it together. Remember, our challenge was The World, which is all about travel. We have to resist travelling to areas we aren’t allowed to, and abide by the rules set out for us.

Look, I’m just the messenger, don’t shoot me.

5. The skills we currently possess – Six of Swords

six of swords

So, in tarot the six of swords depicts a man leaving with his partner, child and a whole lot of mental baggage. This is essentially us, leaving our workplaces, frequently visited locations, etc, and heading into our homes for the lockdown.

But, it’s a skill we already possess! We’ve done this before, having to stick to our homes and entertain ourselves, especially over the weekend. Sure it comes with a lot of mental baggage, but it’s no surprise to us. We’ve done it before, we can do it again.

See, I told you. A lot of swords.

6. The skills we want to possess – Five of Wands

five of wands sydney tarot

Five of wands, the conflict card in tarot. It’s an interesting one, as it has many meanings. Is conflict a skill we want to possess? Well, unless some of you want to punch your housemate for leaving dishes in the sink throughout lockdown, I don’t think so.

This card could mean that we all wish to have this whole COVID thing defeated and done with (obviously), by all of us uniting and quashing it quickly, but it could also mean something else.

The men depicted are fighting, but with sticks. Some say the card represents fake fighting, so play, essentially. We all wish we had the skill to play and do whatever we wanted, but alas, lockdown is here.

Really you can read into it what you want, but fighting this virus is the name of the game here.

7. Advice – The Hierophant

the hierophant

I died when I saw this tarot card, because it basically means authority. Like, you know, a health authority perhaps.

And it landed in the advice spot, meaning we should fkn listen to the advice of the health authorities.

I wish I was making this shit up, but these are the cards I was dealt. The stars don’t fuck around.

8. The People Around Us – Two of Wands

two of wands tarot sydney

Ahh, the world really is watching. In a more local sense, Melbourne’s fkn watching because some of their less heartfelt members would love to see Sydney sink into chaos.

Two of wands is a figure who has their shit (mostly) sorted, holding a globe and watching on. It really is a great card to represent people in places other than Sydney, because it’s exactly what they’re doing right now.

Watching. Waiting. Thinking.

9. Hopes / Fears – Four of Swords

four of swords

A coffin, great!

Thing is, in tarot, the four of swords is actually a good card, and has very little to do with death at all. It’s a figure that’s resting, with three swords on the wall and one on their ‘coffin’.

Basically, we fear having to be trapped in our homes and doing nothing, while we hope that the isolation will do something to drop our numbers soon.

I for one would like to not rest all weekend, so I guess it’s back to making banana bread.

Hate it here.

10. The Final Outcome – The Seven of Cups

seven of cups tarot

All these choices, all this illusion.

Our final outcome for all of this is the seven of cups, which can mean two things.

It could represent illusion, because all the things in the cups are fantastical offerings that aren’t actually there. This means we will beat the current outbreak, and enter back into our brief world of illusion, where there is no vaccine and we convince ourselves that we’re alright, despite the chance of another outbreak easily occurring.

Or, it could represent freedom of choice, to go and do what we like without restrictions.

Either way, we’ll make it out, but unless this vaccine rollout improves, it won’t last forever. In the short term, we’re gonna be alright, but in the long run, we’re still fucked unless something changes and we can all get jabbed.

So yeah, that’s it!

Just remember that all of this was done for fun, and is by no means a scientific representation of what will happen.

Stay masked, stay inside, and let’s get through this.