There’s a new moon in Taurus hitting on Tuesday, May 11, which will likely inspire you to stay the fuck home and chill out (as if you needed an excuse).



The new moon in Taurus hits on Tuesday, May 11, encouraging you to slow the fuck down and take a breath. With the forced downtime, reevaluate your financial goals and start devising a plan to benefit your money sitch. The new moon hits in your second house of money so if ever there were a time to focus on the dollarydoos, it’s now.



The new moon hitting on May 11 in Taurus brings abundance your way so start manifesting what you want and the moon might just summon it for ya. On May 13, when Jupiter enters your social 11th house, you’ll be a social butterfly. Avoid the urge to stay in bed and eat snacks, your favourite thing on. earth, I know, but you really should go the hell out. Network. Meet people. Be nice. Etc. Etc.



Warning: Got the urge to swing from the chandelier this week (figuratively, ofc)? Don’t. The new moon on May 11 encourages you to slow down and chill out. Tap into your spirituality and sense of self. Focus on self-care, self-love, basically all things to do with self. Doing so could lead to a ‘yuge mental, emotional, spiritual (maybe even physical) breakthrough.


This week, travelling will be on the brain as you’ll find yourself bitten by the travel bug with Jupiter entering your expansive ninth house on May 13. Oh and also the new moon on May 11 will inspire you to reconnect with friends, so this could potentially be a social type of getaway. Start saving your pennies now because I’m sensing a booking in your not-too-distant future.



On May 11, the new moon will hit your 10th house of goals and ambitions, encouraging you to channel your inner boss bitch and show folks how powerful you truly are. Then, once Jupiter enters your eighth house of shared resources on May 13, you’ll have the strength and confidence to ace whatever tasks are thrown at you (if you haven’t already finished them).


Be sure to keep an open mind this week because, love ya Virgo babes, but you can be quite stubborn when it comes to seeing other peoples’ points of view and this won’t help you grow and become wiser and smarter and isn’t that what life’s all about? Keeping this in mind, on May 11, when the new moon hits your philosophical ninth house, you’ll feel inspired to try something new, maybe a new course, degree, skill, even a new career.


You’re letting important business fall by the wayside and the new moon on May 11 will remind you to wake the fuck up. Don’t stress though, ‘cos the Taurus moon hits in your eighth house of transformation, so you’ll feel energised and ready to conquer shit and make up for lost time. I believe in you, Libran. You’ve just gotta believe in yourself.


The Taurus new moon on May 11 illuminates your seventh house of partnerships, creating a spark in one of your relationships or friendships. Then as Jupiter enters your passionate fifth house on May 13, there’ll be flirty and romantic vibes, which I absolutely love for you. Shit was getting boring around here, wasn’t it?


Lost your spark for werk lately? Well it’s set to return on May 11 as the new moon in your sixth house of business, so there’ll be a shake-up at work (in a fun way!), which will have you loving the job again. On May 13, as Jupiter enters your fourth house of home and family, you’ll be all about matters of home, hearth and fam.



The new moon on May 11 will ignite your inner artist and you’ll feel creative as hell. Allow said inner artist to break through, bb. Getting creative is the best release. You’ll also be feeling romantic vibes which I love, love, love for you. From May 13 onwards, when Jupiter hits your third house of communication, you’ll feel the need to reconnect with your sense of community.


On May 11, the new moon in your fourth house of home and fam will encourage you to tizz up your home space and / or spend time with your fam. Then when Jupiter enters your second house of lush and luxe vibes on May 13, you’ll feel the need to make some noice purchases and luckily for you, this is just when $$$ hits your bank account. Yiewwww.


This week, focus on using your voice more effectively. The Taurus new moon on May 11 is all about communication, but remember, communication can be used for good or for evil. Be sure you’re using your powers for good. Then, on May 13, when Jupiter enters Pisces, the real fun begins and you’ll see some pretty sweet stuff coming your way. Stay tuned.