Your Horos Are Here: Yr Self-Care Routine Has Slipped Lately, Taurus, So Treat Yrself This Week

Next week kicks off with a bang, and by bang, I mean a Full Moon (a Harvest Moon, to be exact), followed by the lushness of Libra season. Gird your loins, stargazers…

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The Full Moon beaming into your 12th house of zen on September 20 (tomoz) will remind you to let go of unhealthy thoughts that send you into a dark spiral. Do some emotional cleansing these week and try to find closure for whatever’s been plaguing you lately, and instead focus on the good shit (it’s there, I promise!).


Tomorrow’s Full Moon hits in your 11th house of mates, so over the next week you’ll be feeling that community spirit. You’ll have some major warm and fuzzy moments and realise that the people you’ve chosen to surround yourself with are actually pretty decent humans. Libra season kicks off on September 22, so take that as your sign to focus on self-care, sweetie.


This week you’ll have some important news to share, but sometimes when we’re killing it, we hold certain things to ourselves as we don’t want to risk showing off. Fuck it, mate. SHOW OFF! Your friends and fam will be proud of your success! It’s time that you start being proud of it too. Good onya!


Things have been super stagnant lately, but this week, you’ll tap into your sense of fun and adventure as the Full Moon beams into your ninth house of play. This energy is backed up by Libra season, which also begins this week and helps open your mind to trying new things.


You’ll need to set some boundaries this week, Leo, as the Full Moon hits your eighth house of intimacy and shines a light on a certain someone who has been taking advantage of you or making you feel uncomfortable in some way. Stand your ground, bb. You got this.


A recurring theme in your horoscopes lately has been a certain relationship that’s causing you confusion, right? Well, this week the Full Moon shines a light on that relationship and helps you navigate your way through the confusion. You won’t just learn lessons about the other person, you’ll also discover parts of yourself that you never knew were there.


It’s your time to shine, baby, as Libra season kicks off this week! You’ve been busy at work on a creative / work project and as the Full Moon rises in your sixth house tomorrow, you’ll make a major breakthrough. Yay, you! Meanwhile Libra season will help you embrace your full potential.


Tomorrow’s full moon hits in your creative fifth house, bringing forth the spiritual surge of energy needed to kickstart or power through with a project you’ve been working on. Meanwhile Libra season, which begins on September 22, will have you looking at life from a zen perspective, which is noice.


Tomorrow’s Full Moon shines a light on those in your inner circle and helps you realise who is and isn’t there for you in your time of need. It hits your fourth house of home and family, so this likely refers to your fam or housemates. Meanwhile as Libra season kicks off on September 22, your social life will FINALLY be back on track. YIEWWWW.


Expect some exciting news at some point over the next few days, thanks to the Full Moon hitting your third house of HOLY SHIT. Libra season kicks off on September 22, spotlighting your passion, goals and achievements. The sucky part will come on September 23, when one of your relationships hits an awkward snag.


You’ll have some major financial lightbulb moments this week, thanks to the Full Moon hitting your second house of $$$ which we like to see. It’ll help you with your spending and saving habits. Meanwhile, with Libra season kicking off, fun times are afoot, so getting on top of your funds ain’t a bad thing!


The next week will be feeling with lots of a-ha moments, as the Full Moon in your native Pisces beams into the atmosphere. It’s time for some soul searching and inward thinking, which will result in the aforementioned a-ha moments. Libra season kicking off on September 2022 is perfect timing, ‘cos it means you’ll be ready for some personal growth.

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