Neptune goes retrograde in dreamy Pisces this week, plus a new moon in Cancer brings extra watery vibes.

Read on to suss your horoscope…


This week Neptune is going retrograde but don’t worry, this isn’t a scary one like that asshole Mercury Retrograde. Instead, you can expect intriguing dreams and insights to come your way. Be sure to write literally every idea and piece of intel down as they come to you ‘cos ya never know what’s gonna be useful later!


Get off your Taurean tush and be social this week for a change, ploise. I know it’s cold and you’d rather be in bed, but chuck on some layers and suck it up. The new moon in Cancer is a particularly good time to reconnect with your nearest and dearest.


Are there any creative ideas that you were playing with but ya kind of hit the pause button ‘cos you reached a creative wall? Well guess what, my air sign pal, it’s time to hit play again ‘cos Neptune goes retrograde this week which will dismantle that creative wall and allow your creative juices to flow once again.


You’ll be extremely on your Cancerian BS this week as your season has just kicked off, plus there’s a new moon in Cancer on Tuesday, June 28, which calls for alone time. Run yourself a hot bath, pour out a glass of your preferred beverage, and write down all your hopes, dreams, fears, wishes, and manifestations.


Expect to receive some ~intriguing~ news this week, particularly where werk and success are concerned. This is all thanks to the new moon in Cancer sparking new beginnings, plus Neptune Retrograde ushers in the chance to flex those creative muscles.


If there’s something you’ve been meaning to say to someone, this is the week to do it. Especially around Tuesday, June 28 when the new moon in Cancer activates your communicative skills and helps you get your point across.


Neptune retrograde kicks off this week which might sound scary, but it’s actually a good thing. It’s actually a really, REALLY good thing. Since it’s occurring in intimate Pisces, expect your sex life to be particularly spicy during this time, starting from this week on. Enjoy!


With Cancer season having just begun and the Cancer new moon this week, plus Neptune Retrograde in Pisces, you’ll be feeling the emotions more than ever. You are a water sign, after all. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, feel all those emotions, and above all take care of your health, pls.


You’ve got a bad habit of becoming so lost in your own world that you ignore what’s going on around you, or rather, you ignore what’s going on in the lives of those around you. This week, as the new moon in Cancer calls for clarity, make sure you’re more alert and pay close attention to your loved ones.


The Cancer new moon on Tuesday, June 28 is set to be one of the most romantic nights of the year for you. Take advantage of it by planning a hot date and allow yourself to have some hot, sexy fun for once. You’ve bloody earned it!


The new moon in Cancer on Tuesday, June 28 should bring clarity to your relationships. You have the chance to finally figure out where you stand with a certain someone. Plan a nice evening of talking and maybe some other stuff.


Dreamy planet Neptune is going retrograde in your sign this week, prompting you to tap into your emotions and intuition and see what’s been lurking there that you haven’t picked up yet. Do some soul searching and figure out what’s really going on.

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer who pens our weekly horoscope series, ‘Your Horos Are Here’. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.