Your Horos Are Here: There’s Gonna Be Heaps Of Drama This Week, Virgos, But Pls Stay Out Of It

The solar eclipse this week conveniently timed with the new moon brings both chaos and fresh energy into the air. Peep your horoscope for the week ahead:


The eclipse that hit a few days back brought a whole heap of chaos with it, but from the chaos comes the chance for a new start, especially since it coincided with a new moon. This week, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities that could shake things up and bring forth positive change. You don’t want shit to get stale, do ya?


Although the eclipse was a few days back, its stressful and chaotic influence still has a major chokehold over us, so we recommend ditching all plans and laying low this week. I know I don’t needa tell you twice, since my Taurean kings and queens will take any excuse to chill the fuck out.


The solar eclipse is one messy bitch and since the one from a coupla days back is still radiating its chaotic beams through the universe, expect some shit to go down. In particular, my Gemini legends are encouraged to ditch fake friends and basically anything that feels inauthentic and not conducive to personal growth and positive vibes.


This week you’ll wake up feeling invigorated, with real calm after the storm vibes (the storm being the messy-ass eclipse that hit a few days back). But if you happen to feel your energies shift due to the eclipse’s after effect, nourish your soul by spending time with your nearest and dearest.


Uhhh ohhh, spaghetti-o. Most folks will be feeling the after effects of the solar eclipse from a few days back, especially my spicy Leo binches, who will be rolling in drama this week. Just remember: when you find yourself in a jam this week, remind yourself (and others) it’s all ‘cos of the eclipse and it’ll be over soon!


It’s so bloody easy to become enmeshed in drama when there’s so bloody much of it around (especially because the messy-ass solar eclipse hit a few days back), but for your peace and wellbeing, we recommend that you watch on from afar, but don’t get involved. You’ll thank us later!


Just like an electric car needs to plug itself into a wall socket or your iPhone needs a good zap after a long hard day of taking selfies, Librans need to recharge after shit has gone down. And by shit, I mean the hectic as hell solar eclipse which struck us all down last week. The best way for a Libran to recharge is by doing what you do best: see your mates, buy pretty things, and avoid anything that doesn’t spark joy.


Scorpios always say that they hate drama when really, they kinda thrive in it! They’re creatures of chaos who can navigate sticky situations like no other. No shade here, BTW. I’m a proud Scorpio myself, so I know what I’m talking about! Keep your eyes peeled for drama this week as the solar eclipse’s chaotic after effects are still buzzing around. Whether you wanna avoid it, stifle it or fuel it is entirely up to you!


Solar eclipses are known to be abject fucking chaos for all signs, but as any chaotic Sagittarius baws knows, not all chaos is a bad thing! Some chaos can actually lead to positive change and exciting times. To that end: over the next week or so, expect to receive some unexpected good news.


Don’t be too glued to your phone this week, Capricorn, or you might miss out on some magical moments that are occurring IRL. Not only that, but with the eclipse sending its tricky energy through the atmosphere, social media slip ups and accidental texts are bound to occur!


Quit living in the past, man! Especially this week as the eclipse’s confusing rays tempt you to ponder what once was. There’s a reason why you left certain things (and certain people) in the past. Don’t revisit them just because you’re bored and curious. Protect your current energy, bb.


The eclipse brought with it fresh energy and the opportunity to make positive change. This week, make some edits to your life, big or small, in order to change up your luck and see how ya roll on a new path, rather than the one you’ve been walking for a long-ass time.

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at Pedestrian who also dabbles in woo-woo stuff like astrology and crystals and has been penning horoscopes since the start of his career. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.