Your Horos Are Here: Cancerians Will Have A Week Full Of Existential Dread & Self-Reflection

The final eclipse of the season kicks off today in Scorpio, one of the wildest bloody signs there is. Mercury Retrograde has also just begun and we’re still in the midst of Taurus Season.

Read on to suss your horoscope for the week ahead…


The lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16 will inspire you to settle any financial debts or money woes that have been plaguing you. During this time you’ll realise someone is taking advantage of you financially. If you think someone is screwing you over, now is the time to say something!


Someone’s gonna get on your nerves big time this week, especially with the after effect of the full moon and lunar eclipse in dramatic-ass Scorpio. But with Mercury (AKA the communication planet) in retrograde, now is not the time for you to lose your shit, because sometimes my stubborn Taurus fam are overtly harsh. You don’t wanna end up making the sitch worse! Be calm and just breathe through it.


Your tea-spilling ways could lead to some drama this week. Mercury Retrograde is screwing with all forms of comms and everyone is super angsty after that ratchet as hell lunar eclipse in spicy Scorpio, so try and avoid drama this week at all costs!


You’ll be feeling the impacts of the lunar eclipse in heavy-ass Scorpio more than anyone else, I’m afraid, my water sign friend. Over the next few days you’ll be going all introspective and pondering shit. There may even be an existential crisis or two. Tap out of plans, take some time to cry and be blue, then focus on what’s next. Perhaps even lock in a sesh with your therapist!


The lunar eclipse will leave you feeling hella paranoid and concerned about how other people see you. Self-image is paramount to a Leo, so it’s no wonder that you’ll be fixated on this. Don’t allow nego thoughts to convince you that everyone’s speaking poorly of you: they’re not babe. You’re just thinking poorly of yourself! Shake that shit off and get back to being the Leo legend I know you are.


The lunar eclipse will bring forth feelings of panic and paranoia. How the hell do you fight this? Well, since it falls in Scorpio and your 11th house of mates, book in some time to hang with the people that make you happy so you can get back on top of the world again.


You’ll love this: the lunar eclipse and full moon in sexy Scorpio will have you feeling horny as hell. View this as your spiritual viagra! Go nuts and explore your sexuality (and that of others). Enjoy, you horny root rat.


Because the bonkers lunar eclipse falls in your sign, this one is going to hit you the hardest. Eclipses are known to bring the truth to light and prompt sudden change. Your toxic relationship with a certain someone will reach a head this week. If you think it’s time to cut it off, go for it!


Someone’s been sapping your time, strength and energy big time and this week, following the lunar eclipse in Scorpio which brings the truth to light, you’ll realise enough is enough!


Communication is already on the fritz thanks to Mercury in Retrograde, and the lunar eclipse in Scorpio is going to make things even worse. Watch what you say and how you interpret things, because you’re likely to offend someone this week.


The eclipse is going to impact your home and family zone so expect some drama on the home-front. Don’t pick battles with your housemates or family members. Put your energy into doing what you do best: spending time on your own being a cool, calm, collected, creative cretin.


The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio will inspire you to get in touch with your romantic side and sexuality. You’ll want nothing more than to plan a hot date with your significant other or with a new boo. Yiewww!

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer who pens our weekly horoscope series, ‘Your Horos Are Here’. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.