Your Horos Are Here: Next Week Capricorns Will Vibe With People You Wouldn’t Usually Hang With

Buckle up, binches. It’s eclipse season!

Here’s what you’re in for next week…


Lately people in your life have been crossing the boundaries you’ve set up and it’s time you finally do something about it. Next week, channel the solar eclipse in Scorpio to reinstate those boundaries and let people know what is okay and what absolutely is not okay.


Next week’s solar eclipse in Scorpio brings with it a major shift in one of your relationships. You’ll either be saying goodbye to someone or welcoming someone new. Or, get this: the way you see someone will start to change. When one door closes another one opens, remember that.


Shit’s way too complicated right now but sometimes things only get that way because we overcomplicate them. Next week, as the solar eclipse in Scorpio sparks abject chaos, it’s time to go back to basics. Focus on what matters and what really amplifies your life and ditch whatever does not.


Hope you’ve stocked up on stationery recently because next week’s solar eclipse will hit you right in the feels, inspiring you to dive into your creative endeavours. Whether it’s journalling, painting or crafting creative Instagram Stories like you’re shooting a short film. Channel the emotions in your preferred artform.


Are there any cracks in your family unit? If so, they’re going to be exposed by Scorpio season which is about to kick off and it’ll be amplified even further by the solar eclipse which hits next week. Addressing the qualms will result in healing and ultimately a more harmonious relationship between you and your loved ones.


Be sure to do your Virgo thing and edit your words before you say them aloud because you may end up shooting yourself in the foot by speaking without thinking. It’s not common for Virgos to not overthink your words but the solar eclipse in Scorpio next week will make you a lil sloppy.


Next week’s solar eclipse will hit you riiiiiight in the wallet. You went to town during Libra season and you’ll start to feel the pinch. Don’t kick yourself for having a good time, you bloody well deserve it! Just be smarter with your cashola during Scorpio season.


You’ve been toying with the idea of hitting refresh on your life and the solar eclipse that hits in your sign next week will go ahead and push the button for you. Start putting plans in place to make that change you’ve been dying to make.


Because you’re so damn intent on keeping things light and bright, you tend to bottle your emotions as if it’s going to make them disappear entirely. Welp, the solar eclipse in Scorpio next week will open the bottle and bring those feelings to the surface. Look them right in the face, identify them then find a way to settle them.


Capricorns tend to be rather particular with who they want to hang out with but next week it will be especially so thanks to the solar eclipse in Scorpio. If you feel the urge to spend time with someone you wouldn’t usually vibe with, ignore those instincts and go for it!


Next week’s solar eclipse will kickstart a chain of events that result in some major changes to your lifestyle. Either that or the changes themselves will occur next week as you venture into the unknown. Best of luck, bb!


You were slowly edging your way towards something but next week’s solar eclipse will speed up the process. Remember, the universe never hands you anything you can’t handle. You got this!

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer who pens our weekly horoscope series, ‘Your Horos Are Here’. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.