The new month is being ushered in by a new moon which hits on August 8 in fiery Leo, so expect fresh and spicy vibes all around. Here’s your horoscopes for the week ahead…


You’re not usually an overly expressive person, but when the new moon hits on August 8 in your fifth house of romance and creativity, you’ll take on the role of both the lover and the dreamer. Again, very different for you, but as they say, at some point we play all the roles. So this week, tap into your inner flirt and your inner artist (yes, both of those are inside you).


Welcome to a new month, Taurus! August is set to be a big one for you, according to the stars, so in order to prepare for what’s to come, we recommend that you spend the next week working on your home space: give it a good spring clean, buy some new furniture online, rearrange your nicknacks, etc. The new moon in Leo and your personal fourth house on August 8 will have you dreaming of the future.


The new moon on August 8 hits your third house of communication, so for the week ahead, make a conscious effort to speak your mind without fear of being misunderstood. By the same token, you should also ensure that you’re listening to others and hearing their points of view. You may end up taking on a new perspective on something. Or maybe not, but at least you’ve been able to show empathy by seeing things from someone else’s POV.


This is bound to be a v. fruitful month for you in a number of ways, Cancer. For one thing, you’re about to see an influx in money, either literally or by taking on a smart money-making venture, particularly this week when the new moon hits your second house of finances on August 8. Spend the week manifesting those dollar, dollar bills and they may hit your bank account very soon.


It’s your birthday, your season, and on August 8, the new moon will beam into YOUR zone, so you’ll be feeling yourself in a major way this week. This new moon is all about getting in touch with your sense of self, which we love, but the downside to this is that you may bump into relationship or career dramas while your focus is on yourself. Try your best to juggle all three – you can do it!


The new moon that hits on August 8 will be a very healing experience for you, Virgo, as it strikes in your 12th house of intuition. At some point this week, try and find time to sit alone and ponder things. How your life is RN, where you hope to go next, big questions like that. Only by stopping to reflect will be able to make a proper realisation of what you truly want and what your purpose is.



Because you’re all about balance, you tend to be a bit of a people-pleaser and therefore you follow the lead, rather than leading. But the new moon on August 8 takes place in your 11th house of community, so you’ll feel inspired to lead the charge in something that will benefit others, whether it be planning the lockdown zoom drinks or checking up on older relatives.



It’s time to get to werk, Scorpio, because the new moon that hits on August 8 is beaming into your ambitious 10th house. Take back control of your career and step into the spotlight, where you belong (it is Leo season, after all). Particularly focus on the way you are viewed and what you want your future to look like.



The new moon that hits on August 8 is set to be a big one as it lands in expressive Leo and your ninth house of expansion. Stop sweating the small stuff and think big picture. Keep an eye out for opportunities that could elevate you this week. Open your mind and look places you don’t usually look. Leave no stone unturned, etc.



You’re in need of a shake-up, Cap, and this week, as the new moon in Leo strikes your eighth house of transformation, you’ll be given the opportunity to make some much-needed changes. Particularly in the way of spending and saving $$$ but also the manner in which you spend and save your time and energy. Think about it…


This week, there’s a new moon in your seventh house of partners, which will compel you to work on your relationships. Are there any bad habits you or a partner / friend / relo are guilty of? Now’s the time to address it with them. Both parties need to compromise in order for progress to be made.


You’re at a point now where you’re pretty much cruising through life. Not saying that things have been easy, far from it. But you’re basically on autopilot (cruise control, if you will). This week, as the new moon hits your sixth house of routine, start putting some thought and focus into your everyday regime as you may find that certain habits need to be changed.

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at Pedestrian who also dabbles in woo-woo stuff like astrology and crystals and has been penning horoscopes since the start of his career. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.