Harry Styles Just Helped A Fan Come Out To Her Mum On Stage And The Vid Is Pure Queer Joy

harry styles helps fan come out

In extremely wholesome news, Harry Styles, my husband and favourite LGBTQIA+ ally, helped a fan come out to her Mum during a concert.

Styles was performing his Love On Tour show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when he spotted a fan McKinley McConnel in one of the front rows holding a giant sign that read: “My m[u]m is in section 201. Help me come out.”

Halfway into the gig, Harry reportedly asked the stage crew to turn the house lights on and mosied over to McConnell. He asked if she wanted to come out to her Mum over the mic, which she awkwardly hesitated over due to the huge crowd. Then, sensing her gay panic, he offered to do it for her.

“I can do it if you’d like,” he suggested.

“Do you want to tell her or should I tell her?”

“Can you tell her?” the fan asked back.

“Yeah, I can tell her, no problem.”

Harry then goofily ran over to the other side of the stage towards where the soon-to-be out queer girl’s mum was sitting. Once her mum raised her hand to signal Harry, the world’s pure-of-heart boyfriend shouted out to her: “Lisa! She’s gay.”

Excuse me while I audibly keyboard smash and say in all caps that THIS IS SO FUCKING CUTE, WHAT THE FUCK. As if we couldn’t adore you anymore, Mr. Styles, you’ve got us all falling, hard. I mean, talk about being an ally and doing it Stylishly.

“Now, I don’t want to ruin the moment but wouldn’t it be a bit nice if you were a little bit closer together,” he joked.


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♬ original sound – McKinley McConnell

According to Teen Vogue, this is the second time this week that Harry has helped a fan publicly come out on stage. During a show in Connecticut, the “Watermelon Sugar” singer helped another fan come out as bisexual by waving their bi pride flag they brought along with them.

“Is this your flag?” he said.

“Would you like me to wave it?”

“When I raise this flag, you’re officially out. I’ve heard that’s how it works.”

Harry then waved the flag before falling to his knees and adding: “I feel good, but I can’t imagine how good you feel.”


Umm, I’m sorry, what a king. I wish my coming out story was as fucking good as this. Us older Gen Z and Millennial queers came out like cavemen in comparison.

Anyway, Harry also dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz during his gig on Halloween, and waved and danced with the LGBTQIA+ flag, which reads like a playful nod to the queer term of being a “Friend of Dorothy’s”. I might be reaching here, your honour, but either way, I still love him.

Harry Styles continues to prove he’s one of the best people on the planet and this story proves it. This man truly is pure joy and happiness if it were a person, huh?