Try Not To Cry For This Harry Styles Fan, Who Missed Meeting Her Idol ‘Cos She Wasn’t Home

harry styles house visit fan fish

Imagine: you’re at in the height of your feverish teen years and you’re utterly obsessed with a musician. Maybe you’re there right now; maybe you never fully left that phase behind. Now, imagine you’ve returned from a day out to hear your dad claim your beloved idol not only visited the house but fed your fish and left handwritten notes in your room. Because that’s exactly what Harry Styles did for one lucky fan in the UK.

One Harry fan got back home this week to find that the star’s car had broken down outside her family home, and her dad had let him inside to wait it out until things got sorted.

I’m sorry, but if my father did such a thing and didn’t immediately text or call me I would just write him out of my non-existent will (sorry Wayne).

Styles mega-stan Theadora posted on her (now very-much-private) Instagram that Harry had unexpectedly dropped by, settled in with a cuppa tea (wildly British areas, that), penned her a handwritten note, signed her copy of his album, and fed her fish (also named Harry) while waiting for his car to get sorted out.

I just…I’m all prickly with envy just reading about it.

Though Theadora has locked up her Instagram, many stan accounts on Twitter picked up the pics of Harry feeding the fish – that I assume Theadora’s parents took – and the details of the notes he left behind.


In the note Harry left for Theadora, he said her dad’s friend let him inside to wait with a cuppa after his car broke down, and that he was “devastated” they missed each other.

He also wrote that he was looking forward to meeting her soon and that her Dad should get in touch to get her to a live show in the future.

Harry also took the liberty of scribbling a note on her copy of his Fine Lines album, drawing a face mask on himself and a speech bubble with another note apologising for missing her.

On her Twitter, Theadora said that she was stoked Harry had dropped in at her Dad’s house because apparently, her bedroom at her mum’s is much more reflective of her hard stanning of Harry Styles and the One Direction lads.

I feel that deep in my soul.

Now let this be a lesson to all of us to make sure we keep our parents / housemates primed on when you should be contacted, in the off chance your #1 fave happens to pop by for a cuppa.