Everyone’s favourite heterosexual fashion icon, Harry Styles, is in a little bit of hot water after spitting into the air during a concert. And in the time of COVID, Harry? I thought the man who wore a dress on Vogue would’ve known better, but here we are.

With a career as flawless and unblemished as Harry Styles’, it was about time that a little drama was to pop up somewhere along the road. Sure this incident here isn’t the end of the world, but it’s still a touch of chaos that you wouldn’t expect from Styles.

Our story begins at Harry’s Las Vegas concert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. This was his first concert in two years, and so it was clearly a big deal.

However, some fans captured a moment in the concert when Styles spat water in the air, which you can watch below.

This right here is a move that fans call ‘The Whale’, which has been around for quite some time, and has almost become a staple at Styles’ concerts.

Naturally, The Whale was frequently performed in a time before COVID, so fans began to question whether or not it should have made a return.

“I love you dearly, but it’s COVID,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Please stop taking a drink from water bottles then throwing it on people and doing the whale. That’s an incredible amount of germs.

“I know most of us would let you spit in our mouths but just maybe retire it for this tour? No hate.”

I mean, she has a point. Most of us would let him spit in our mouths.

Other fans then began to chime in with their opinion on the whale, blasting him for his poor choices during a pandemic.

It’s important to keep in mind that the only people allowed into the concert were fully vaxxed folk or people who handed in a negative test result, so you’d assume the environment was safe, but still.

Safety precautions also included everyone wearing a mask in the venue, but you can see some fans foregoing that requirement to scream ecstatically. Nevertheless, maybe don’t spit during COVID, king.

Other fans rose to the occasion of defending Styles. Clearly, many of us have thought of being spat on by one Harry Styles.

harry styles

harry styles


harry styles

If you need me, I’m going to be waiting for a time in the future where Harry Styles spitting on me becomes socially acceptable.