Zoom Crasher Hamish Blake Refused To Accept An Invite To A Couple’s “Divorce Mediation”

Serial Zoom crasher Hamish Blake has been hijacking calls left and right, even private and important ones, ‘coz, well, what else is a guy to do in isolation?

Speaking to the Sunday paper, he revealed he got booted from a fitness class, just for being his chatty self and rude, TBH.

“There was one fitness class I got kicked out of, because I was getting a bit chatty,” he said.

Hamish was removed from an F45 online workout in April after logging in late and interrupting the trainer multiple times throughout the warm-up.

He later wrote on Instagram: “Upon reviewing the tape I would like to say I fully back what that trainer did! Never got his name but he chose chin ups over chin wagging and that only highlights his professionalism.”

Hamish has joined a wide-range of virtual meetings, but the father-of-two admits there’s one invite he refused to accept.

“I got invited to join one girl’s parents’ divorce mediation. I let that one go,” he said.

He went on to deny reports that he was “in hot water” for crashing an Australian Defence Force meeting in March: “I never heard from anyone.”

The Australian Defence Force allegedly banned the use of Zoom after Hamish crashed one of their private meetings.

According to a report in The Australian at the time, Defence personnel had been “banned” amid concerns “hostile foreign actors” could exploit security flaws.

“They received the edict in a special bulletin on maintaining information security when working offsite because of COVID-19 social distancing.”

Check out the aforementioned meeting here.