Happy Friday, Here’s Hamish Blake Crashing A Zoom Ballet Lesson In A Spandex Leotard

Next stop on Hamish Blake’s nationwide Zoom tour is a meeting of Guzman y Gomez executives, a ballet class, a women’s footy team captain announcement and an audit lesson.

This time your boy’s matched his outfits to each particular meeting, ‘coz ya gotta dress to impress.

For example, when partaking in a ballet lesson, he wore a spandex leotard (and managed to nail the triple worm, which I’m not sure is an actual ballet move, but points for effort).

And when hijacking the announcement of the new Blackburn footy club women’s team, he fittingly wore a suave shirt and tie.

The ladies appeared to be stoked to have him there as they announced the new captain and roster of their team.

A beautiful moment.

Catch the full vid below: