Hamish Blake Was Kicked Out Of A F45 Class On Zoom After 2 Mins & Yeah, Fair Enough

Hamish Blake / F45 / Zoom

Hamish Blake, bless him, has shared yet another episode of his isolation web series, Zoom for one more?, in which he crashes random video conferences. This time however, Blake chose to share the one time he was removed by the host of a Zoom meeting. The audacity.

“Look after over 50 successful zoom sneak ins, I feel it’s only fair to share the one and only time I was ‘removed by the host from a meeting,’” Blake shared in an Instagram post titled “The One That Zoomed Away”.

“I got up early to do the rounds on a few workout zoom classes and share my trademark brand of low intensity exercise and high intensity exercise chat. It cost me,” he said. Blake actually woke up in the wee hours of the morning for a 6.15am F45 workout session. He was promptly kicked out of it.

Blake said he “fully backs what the trainer did” considering how much of a distraction he would’ve been in such a driven class. “Never got his name but he chose chin ups over chin wagging and that only highlights his professionalism. Was still an honour to be in the class for two minutes!”

Have at it.

To be fair, ol’ mate absolutely gave Blake a chance… before booting him for being, well, Hamish Blake.

“I’ve been kicked out,” Blake laughs. “That’s my first kick-out.” At least he got a bit of a workout in.

You can find an entire handful of Zoom shenanigans on Blake’s Instagram. If you would like Hamish Blake to dip into your Zoom call, you can DM him your Zoom meeting details and Melbourne time of meeting. It’s not a done deal, though. Blake chucks all the details into a “big ol’ digital bucket” and picks one out at random. I’m going to go ahead and assume a lot of people have done this so your chances are slim, but do it anyway. Do it. 

Zoom for one more? is peak isolation content, tell you what.