Grimes has finally posted the first proper pics of baby X Æ A-XII (let’s just call him X from here on out), and he’s now rocking a Viking mullet thanks to the hairdressing expertise of his mother. And yes, despite this, he is the cutest little bub you ever did see.

Please indulge me for a moment, for I absolutely cannot get enough of Grimes and her baby, and any content I can yarn about I will do so with complete adoration. I mean, regardless of the fact that she’s married to the richest man in the world, and also bestowed upon her bub a name that doubles as a meme, it’s very clear that Grimes is doing her best to raise baby X, and loves him very very much.

For this I stan, and will continue to stan.

Now, the last time we ‘saw’ baby X was when Grimes posted a video of herself giving the little bub a techno-classical water bath rave. I’m being completely serious here, and the best part is that X looked like he was having a great time. However you can only really see his faint shadow, and the entire footage is shot in the dark (I mean duh, it’s a trippy rave.)

At last, we have some crystal clear pics of the bub, and he is cute as anything. Here is a pic of Grimes cutting his hair with massive scissors as he sits in a tub big enough to fit my entire extended family.

Grimes BabyAs the son of a hairdresser, I must say… those scissors are HUGE.

At least Grimes admitted to her hairdressing mistakes, posting to a follow-up to her story which gave a closer look at her botched haircut.

“Not sure this haircut went well, but he’s Viking now,” she wrote. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Grimes caption without the crossed swords emoji. It’s kinda her thing these days.

Grimes BabyBath seat for a king! The hair may be botched but the bub is still cute.

In the last photo in this trilogy, we get our first actual look at the meme king himself, X Æ A-XII. He’s got a wild life ahead of him, with one of his parents being a genius who is pushing boundaries in their field, and the other being Elon Musk.

Grimes Baby

Anyway, I’m going to hold onto my love for Grimes and her bub, the duo that can truly do no wrong in my eyes.

Image: Instagram / @grimes