Grimes And Elon Musk Are Making Financial Poetry About Stocks And I Wish They’d Just GameStop

Grimes Elon Musk Finance Poems

The dynamic duo of Elon Musk and Grimes is back, and this time they’ve brought with them some poetry about the stock market crashing, and GameStop having a thing or two to do with it. Truly this is all we needed and I will be taking no further questions on the matter.

Truly the most wholesome couple (albeit controversial), Grimes and Elon are constantly in the news for their interesting antics, whether they be keeping Azealia Banks trapped within their home while they do acid together, teaching monkeys to play video games, giving their baby X a Viking haircut, or treating their little bub to a techno-classical water bath rave. I love them to bits because of how dynamically different they are as people, and also because they seem to really love and care for their child.

But alas, we’re here to deconstruct some finance poems from our favourite techno-savvy couple. It’s a good thing I did like four units of English in the HSC and jumped straight into a Journalism degree after that. I’ve been staring at words all my life while listening to old Grimes songs, so truly I’m the perfect person to talk about this. Let’s just skip over the fact I know nothing about finance.

The first batch of poems came from Grimes herself. The first one was an ode to the light of GameStop, and it truly made me shed a tear.

Have a read for yourself right here.

I’m guessing this has something to do with the fact that on your own, you really can’t do much, but when you band together with others, you can accomplish anything. This was best seen when the Reddit bros. decided to collectively invest in GameStop and send the stock market into a frenzy.

This next one is a bit all over the place, with reference to Pokemon, internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and bitcoin.

It reads more like a strange summary of how bitcoin has fallen, but I still dig it. It’s Avant-garde, it’s art.

Next came baby daddy Musk’s poetry, who went for the ‘poetry doesn’t need to rhyme’ approach, and something tells me that his girlfriend is the more creative one. (This one probably isn’t a poem but like, it’s formatted like one for some reason?)

If you need me I’m going to become the richest man on Earth just so I can tweet fun dumb shit like this and call it a day.