Anon Film Crew Spills Juicy BTS Tea About Glen Powell & Sydney Sweeney’s Relationship On Set

sydney sweeney glen powell

A production staffer from the set of Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney‘s upcoming rom-com Anyone But You has spilt some spicy behind-the-scenes tea on what the dynamic duo were like together, and I’m simply obsessed with this whole scandal.

In case you haven’t been keeping up to date with Hollywood’s latest morsel of mess, it has been heavily rumoured that Top Gun hottie Glen Powell and Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney are now a thing after getting to know each other on the Sydney set of their new movie.

The thing that makes this rumour extra red-hot is the fact that Glen Powell came into filming with a girlfriend of three years, Gigi Paris, and Sweeney is currently engaged to Jonathan Davino.

Paris announced her split with Powell just a few days ago with a spicy IG post that read: “Know your worth and on to the next.” Yikes.

Meanwhile, Davino was papped packing his bags (and the couple’s pitbull named Tank) into an SUV, which The Daily Mail has taken as evidence that he’s getting ready to leave the relationship. I reckon he’s just going on a holiday or something, but I guess we’ll see soon enough.

Here’s what the production staffer of Anyone But You had to say about the rumoured relo:

“To be honest we thought they were already a couple,” he said.

“I knew him from Top Gun. But I just assumed they were a couple in real life.

“That’s what it looked like to most of us. And to some of the extras as well. There was talk about it during (production) breaks that they seemed close from day one.”

I’m kinda frothing the idea of Powell and Sweeney having their Mr. & Mrs. Smith moment. Meet on set, adopt a few kids and engage in a legal battle over the half of your vineyard in Château Miraval in France’s Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur that was sold to a Russian billionaire.

Y’know, the simple steps any Hollywood couple takes when they enter a relationship. 

In reality, Powell and Sweeney are probably just enjoying their new friendship (which just happens to involve them smooching in Sydney for work), but I really wouldn’t be mad if they became a thing, they do seem so happy together.

We dive into the Sydney and Glen tea in the latest episode of our entertainment podcast The Show Off. Check it out on Spotify below: