Oh Shit: Glen Powell’s GF Drops Spicy Insta Post Amid Cheating Rumours With Sydney Sweeney

Well there you have it, folks. It seems that Glen Powell and his girlfriend Gigi Paris really have broken up amidst the wild speculation that he’s getting it on with his current romcom costar, Sydney Sweeney.

On Wednesday, Gigi posted a video to IG which showed her looking incredible as she strutted down the streets of New York City. The caption read “know your worth and onto the next.”

Amen, sis.

You might be thinking, that’s not enough to prove they’ve broken up. But Paris has also unfollowed Powell and Sweeney, on IG, too. So, sounds like they’re donezo to me!

ICYMI: The internet has been running rampant with speculation that something ~untoward~ is going on between Powell and Sweeney since they filmed their upcoming romcom Anyone But You in Australia and shared a bunch of pics on their own personal IGs looking pretty damn cute together.

Exhibit A. (Credit: Instagram / Sydney Sweeney @sydney_sweeney)

At the time, I thought this was ridiculous — for one, Sweeney is engaged, and two, the pair literally play love interests in a romcom. Of course set pics would make them appear as a couple. Of course their own pics would also push that narrative. It’s called marketing, people.

However, these rumours went into overdrive after Paris went ahead and unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram — which would be kinda suss and petty if there was nothing to be beefing about, but coupled with the breakup tea and Sweeney’s pics? Hmmm.

Deuxmoi revealed in her podcast episode from last week that several trusted sources had claimed it was over between Powell and Paris.

“I heard from multiple trusted people that it’s over between Glen and Gigi,” a source told Deuxmoi.

“It’s not the first time they’ve broken up, but feels real this time. It’s a sad Hollywood cliche.”

Deuxmoi asked the source if the alleged breakup had anything to do with Sweeney, but they didn’t think so.

“I didn’t hear that,” the source said.

“It sounded more like he just thinks he’s the next Tom Cruise now.”

Deuxmoi also called Gigi Paris’ Instagram posts “cryptic”, which is an understatement given her high-school-girl-who-just-got-broken-up-with IG stories and the complete lack of Glen Powell on her grid.

The gossip mogul also said she received reports that “Glen went back and started liking all of [Paris’] old Instagram posts”, which she said might have been to “shut down the rumours”.


Look, is it extremely likely that Glen Powell and Gigi Paris are over? Yes.

Does this mean he cheated on her with an engaged woman? Probably not, but the internet never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.