Glen Powell Has Name-Dropped 7 Movies That Rejected Him And The Franchise He Refuses To Join

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Glen Powell of Anyone But You and Top Gun: Maverick fame has sat down with British GQ to reveal all of the movies he’s auditioned for but didn’t get and the tea is hotter than his washboard abs.

There’s nothing I love more than when an actor sits down with a journalist and reveals the deep, dark secrets of the acting industry. Secrets such as who said “no” to them in the past and probably deeply regrets it now that the actor is famous.

Well, Powell has done just that, and now that he’s the talk on everyone’s lips, I’m sure there are a lot of Hollywood figures cursing the wind right now. Here are the films Powell was turned away from.


Powell revealed he went for the role of Ernest Lawrence in Oppenheimer.

Ultimately the role went to Josh Hartnett, who did a very good job at playing a deuteragonist.

glen powell oppenheimer
Sorry to Mr Powell but Josh Hartnett ate this role, no crumbs. (Source: Oppenheimer).

I just don’t see Powell’s heartthrob face in that role, and apparently neither did director Christopher Nolan.

According to Powell, however, he “has faith” he will work with Nolan in the future as the two are still in touch.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Powell attempted to score the lead role in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story and apparently got “agonisingly close” to playing a young Han Solo.

“I can joke about it now [but] I blew that final audition,” he told British GQ.

glen powell star wars
If Glen Powell was holding a space blaster I’d be too infatuated to be intimidated. (Source: Solo: A Star Wars Story).

In the end the role went to Alden Ehrenreich, who honestly does look a lot like Harrison Ford, who played Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy.

The Longest Ride

Powell spilled some tea on his audition for 2015’s western-style romance The Longest Ride, which went south very quickly.

“I remember Marty Bowen, who was the producer, just looking at me like, ‘Yeah, this is not going well.’”

The role was ultimately snagged by Clint Eastwood‘s son Scott Eastwood, which honestly makes a whole lot of sense.

glen powell movies
Mr Eastwood contain your son!!! (Source: The Longest Ride).

I’ve observed the above image for approximately 10 hours now, comparing it to Powell’s appearance in Anyone But You and I must say… these two boys fit the exact same niche. Another win for nepotism!

Top Gun: Maverick (Kinda)

Remember that douchey pilot in Top Gun: Maverick? Yeah, that was Glen Powell! However, he originally applied for the leading role that was eventually snagged by Miles Teller.

“I got a call from [director] Joe Kosinski saying I didn’t get it. I remember that same sort of feeling,” he said.

But could Glen Powell do THIS? (Actually yeah, he could… he was literally IN that famous beach scene). [Source: Top Gun: Maverick].

He also spilt that he thought his character Hangman should have been completely cut from the original script, and so he worked with Tom Cruise to make some changes.

“What we were talking about is, how can Hangman service the story and give the flavour of the original Top Gun that you need?” he said.

“I said my piece to Tom about what I do and what I do well, and he listened. Tom’s a listener. He listens to the crew members, he listens to his collaborators, and he hears people.”

Cowboys & Aliens

Powell retold the hilarious story of how he studied Ben Foster‘s performance in 3:10 to Yuma for a role in Cowboys & Aliens, only to meet someone unexpected at the audition.

“I auditioned for Cowboys & Aliens, to play Harrison Ford’s son. I was like, I’ve gotta be Ben Foster.

“Then I get to the audition the next day and I look at the sign-in sheet. The guy before me is Ben Foster.”

However both Foster and Powell were rejected for the role, and it went to Paul Dano.

Paul Dano, no one plays crazy like you baby girl. (Source: Cowboys & Aliens).

Friday Night Lights

While everyone and their mother in Austin, Texas was getting cast in Friday Night Lights, Glen Powell failed. Many a time.

“I auditioned for it like three or four times,” he said.

“I was really right for the role and kept not getting it. That was a part of my career where I felt like, ‘Am I ever gonna get a shot?’”

While he didn’t say which role he applied for, my guess is it was any that came his way.

He did however mention he was proud of fellow Austin-born actor Jesse Plemons, who landed a role on the show.

Jesse Plemons appearing in C̶o̶u̶n̶t̶r̶y̶ B̶o̶y̶ S̶l̶a̶m̶s̶ T̶w̶i̶n̶k̶ I̶n̶t̶o̶ L̶o̶c̶k̶e̶r̶ Friday Night Lights. (Source: Friday Night Lights).

And to end off this list, just a bit more tea. Powell said he won’t be appearing in any superhero movies, unless they ask him to play Batman.

If Sydney Sweeney plays Catwoman alongside him, every bisexual on the planet will quiver.