The Aussie Journo Who Was Reportedly ‘Barred’ From An Event By Tom Cruise Breaks His Silence

Peter Overton, the TV journo who is rumoured to have been “barred” from attending the Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One premiere over his 2005 beef with Tom Cruise, has seemingly confirmed the tea.

ICYMI: According to Woman’s Day, Tom — or at least, Tom’s people — made sure that esteemed Aussie television journalist was excluded from the guest list because the actor is apparently still miffed about *that* infamous 2005 interview.

“Anyone connected to ‘That Interview’ was scratched off [the list], and Peter Overton was certainly among the people who didn’t get an invite,” the source claimed.

“Tom wanted the spotlight on his film, not his past.”

This morning on Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie, Overton confirmed that he was not invited, but that he would not have attended anyway because he had to werk.

“Did someone inform you that you are not welcome on the red carpet or is this story completely made up? Were you barred from the red carpet of Mission Impossible?” Wippa asked.

“I wouldn’t have a clue about…” he responded, adding that: “We didn’t get an invite. But I also had another thing to do: the six o’clock news.”

In case ya haven’t seen it, there’s an absolute corker of a 60 Minutes interview from Cruise’s 2005 jaunt to Australia which happened to occur just after his split from Aussie queen Nicole Kidman.

After Overton asked Cruise about his ex, the actor told the reporter that he’s “stepping over the line, and you know you are.”

He also instructed Overton to “put your manners back in.”

Watch the interview below, which has gone down in awks interview history:

During the radio chat, Overton went on to discuss just how iconic that interview has gone on to be.

“It certainly caused a stir,” he said.

“Every now and then it pops up. And you know, I’ve always said I like Tom, I think he’s amazing what he’s done with Top Gun Maverick. I’ve seen that a couple of times. Mission Impossible I can’t wait to see. And the bottom line is, he’s a great actor, what he’s done for Hollywood, you know, in a really tough period with COVID and so on. He has put the big screen movies back in the cinemas in a huge way. And we’re all going to see them.”

Was Petey boi crossing a line by asking Tom Cruise such personal questions? Look, probably.

But the fact that Tom has been biding his time since 2005, waiting to get his revenge on Overton by barring him from questions, cocktails and canapés is absolutely hysterical.

I’m sure believing in astrology is one of the many things that scientology opposes, but as PTV’s resident astrologer, I must point out that Tom Cruise is a Cancer. AKA a grudge-holding water sign.

So I take it back, I’m not at all surprised that Tom has done this. It’s very much on-brand for him, in fact.