The UK’s ‘Sexiest Men Alive 2024’ List Is Bonkers & You’ll Never Guess Where Prince William Is

Prince William, Jeremy Clarkson, Gareth Southgate (all Sexiest Men Alive 2024 candidates)

Jeremy Clarkson has been voted as the UK’s sexiest man alive for 2024, and Prince William has snagged the number three spot. These two beat out Idris Elba at number six and Wills’ little bro Prince Harry, who landed near the bottom of the list at number 47. 

It gets weirder: Clarkson also topped their list last year. Wills, on the other hand, was almost at the bottom for 2023 – so somehow he’s become sexier after his wife Kate Middleton ‘disappeared’? Interesting. 

Also, Cillian Murphy somehow came in at number five… even though he’s not from the UK – he’s Irish. Remember when he shut down an interviewer for calling him British? He won’t be too pleased about being included on this list. 

The ‘UK’s Sexiest Men Alive 2024’ annual poll was conducted by Illicit Encounters, a dating site that says it’s the best one out there “for married people” (??). The company asked 2,000 female members to rank 50 male celebrities on their “sexiness” from one to 10, with 10 being the highest. 

Jeremy Clarkson on Clarkson's Farm

Jeremy Clarkson has held the title of the UK’s Sexiest Man Alive for two years. (Image: Prime Video)

Here’s the top 10: 

1. Jeremy Clarkson
2. Tom Holland
3. Prince William
4. Gareth Southgate
5. Cillian Murphy
6. Idris Elba
7. Romesh Ranganathan
8. Sam Thompson
9. Russ Cook
10. Dermot O’Leary

If you have ~questions~ about why the Clarkson’s Farm star received a high ranking of nine out of 10, spokesperson Jessica Leoni has shed some light on why. 

“Clarkson and his farm is a bit like Noah’s Ark and just like the animals in that story, his victory in the Sexiest Man votes has come in two,” she said. 

“We all know about his brash persona, but the latest series of Diddly Squad has shown he can tug at heartstrings too – and clearly his farmer look continues to set hearts racing.”

She continued: “We’re not putting it past Clarkson to go for the three-peat next year!”

I’m actually even more confused after the Noah’s Ark comparison, but go off, I guess.

Prince William entertaining actors including Ayo Edebiri during an awards show

My reaction to hearing Prince William’s #3 rank. (Image: Getty)

People react to UK’s Sexiest Men Alive 2024 results

As you can imagine, people went feral over the polarising results on X (formerly known as Twitter). A bunch of people threw out other names that should’ve topped the list, including Henry Cavill, Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy, Nicholas Galitzine and Riz Ahmed

Others were concerned about their UK friends, and rightly so. 

“Are the men in the UK really ugly or something?” one person asked. 

“The standards are at an all-time low I see,” another added. 

“Lmfaoooo if a woman from the UK ever tells you you’re handsome, this is what they’re comparing you to?” a third joked.

“I’m feeling sorry for the UK now. Very sorry,” another remarked.

Honestly, throw this whole list away. We don’t want it!