Glen Powell Has Sent The Internet Into A Tizzy Over This Fked Cannibal Dating Story

Glen Powell — Hollywood’s great hunk of spunk and everyone’s favourite capybara look-a-like — is going viral for a story about *check notes* a cannibal. Thankfully (and hopefully) the story has been tipped to be a massive stitch-up.

During an interview on the Therapuss with Jake Shane podcast, the Anyone But You actor shared a cooked story about the time his sister’s friend almost fell victim to a cannibal.

“My little sister was friends with a girl who went out on a date with a guy,” Glen began.

“They’re hanging out, they’re super charming — I gotta get all my facts on this story, I’m gonna let my sister fact check it. I hope I’m telling it correctly.”

The Top Gun: Maverick star went on to share that his sister’s friend and the guy really hit it off and after the date, they went back to his apartment, where things a truly dark turn.

“She goes back to his apartment that night, and he’s like ‘Hey can I give you a massage?’ And as she got back to his apartment, she just started getting weird vibes,” Glen continued.

“He starts massaging her shoulders, she’s kind of just feeling — everything’s just feeling odd. And she’s like I gotta get out of here and he tried to get, he gets a little weird.”

(Image source: YouTube / Therapuss with Jake Shane)

After her sister’s friend yeeted from the date, Glen went on to reveal that the woman’s skin began to itch the next day which led to a disturbing discovery.

“She goes to the doctor the next day and he does a test on her skin,” the actor shared.

“And it turns out that it’s like a black market lotion that breaks down skin for human consumption. This man was rubbing lotion on her, to eat her.”

THE THERAPUSSY IS QUAKING (BAD). (Image source: YouTube / Jake Shane)

Following the doctor’s grim discovery, they urged the woman to contact authorities immediately which led them to find “several girls’ bodies” in the man’s house.

Look, I have some pretty fucked up first-date stories, but this one truly takes the cake.

The snippet of Glen retelling the story set the internet on fire, with punters on X (formerly Twitter) sharing their reactions to the grizzly tale.

Although the story has been dubbed as “jaw-dropping”, it’s best to take it in with a grain of salt.

Is Glen Powell’s cannibal date story real?

With a story like that, folks are bound to be searching for the who, what, when, where, why and how. After I first heard it, I was itching to find out the identity of this alleged cannibal.

Welp, it’s now been speculated that Glen’s story might’ve been an urban legend.

Although the celeb has yet to address the internet’s fascination with the tale, the cannibal dating story sounds similar to a Romantic Encounter with a Necrophiliac (published back in 2001), an old urban legend that has been debunked by Snopes — a platform dedicated to fact-checking stories.

There’s also a Reddit entry from five years ago that matches Glen’s story, labelling the whole shebang an “urban tale”.

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Regardless if it is or is not an urban legend, it still gave me the heebeejeebees!

BRB as I go and delete all the apps off my phone. I think I need a break.