Real Housewives’ Gina Liano Is Selling Her Bougie Apartment If You Wanna Look At Pics & Cry

gina liano luxe apartment

Real Housewives of Melbourne legend Gina Liano is selling her bougie base of operations in Brighton. My dreams of living like an opulent housewife and drinking red wine all day are one step closer to being fulfilled. Now to find the money to buy the property…

Yes, my friends, for just a measly $600,000-$650,000 you too could luxuriate in a glamorous one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Brighton. Maybe you’ll run into Karen from Brighton on your morning walk. Maybe you’ll BECOME the next Karen from Brighton. Who am I to yuck your yum?

Anyone who has watched even a YouTube clip of Real Housewives of Melbourne knows that Gina Liano is pretty much the soul of the show. She also has impeccable taste, so if this apartment is good enough for her by God it’s good enough for me.

gina liano apartment
Finally, a sophisticated room to play Jackbox in. (Source:

“Brighton people love Brighton. I was born and bred here, and Brighton was perfect for me as a Melbourne base between the city and the Peninsula,” Liano told

“It’s easier to get from the Peninsula than going back to Toorak; my kids went to school here, I grew up here, and I love it. It’s safe. The complex is really fantastic.

“You’ve got the beach close by, it’s a similar vibe to Sorrento and Portsea … I feel very much at home in both places.”

Liano decided to put the luxe apartment on the market once she craved a pad that was “a little bit bigger.” That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting her scraps, though. This place is fkn gorgeous.

It features a lovely little courtyard for a midday charcuterie board in the sun and it also boasts an immaculate kitchen with black marble countertops. A feature prominent in what I like to call: cocaine kitchens. No time for explanations, I’m moving on.

gina liano
I’d get pasta sauce stains all over this kitchen (Source:

The Brighton apartment sits on Warleigh Grove, so if you have a spare couple of dollarydoos you could be the new owner of this gorgeous spot.

Or if you’re like us and have to segment your avocados into tiny little sections to ration them for toast and can’t afford lettuce — maybe just enjoy the idea of a luxe apartment going for sale.