RHOM’s Gina Liano Has Sent Legal Letters To The Labor Party ‘Cos It Cheekily Used Her In An Ad

Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano apparently did *not* enjoy her cameo in a recent ad for the Labor Party. ICYMI a spokesperson for the ALP posted a clip of Liano edited with footage of Scott Morrison to their socials last Tuesday.

The vid took a swing at the PM’s stance on electric cars.

According to the Herald Sun, Liano said the post was “disrespectful”.

“It’s a misrepresentation and my affiliations are private and it’s quite damaging to me…They don’t care what I think clearly, they’re so ambitious they’ve gone ahead and not sought my permission,” she told the publication.

Now let’s not forget that Liano is a barrister as well as Aussie reality TV icon. We’ve all seen those pics where she’s wearing the wig and the robe and all that. Wig! I feel that already.

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According to The Daily Mail, apparently she was so upset she’s issued “several legal letters” to lawyers representing the Labor party in an effort to have the clip taken down.

Turns out Gina actually has had enough.

At the time of writing, the clip is still live on the Labor Party’s Twitter page. As per The Daily Mail, a response from the lawyer representing the ALP says there’s no plans to remove the clip and Liano has “no grounds” to request its removal.

“We are still uninformed of the grounds upon which your client claims to have the right to bring any of the actions identified and threatens to bring proceedings against our clients.”