Labor Quoted RHOM’s Bullshit Detector Gina Liano In A Vid About Scott ‘Engadine’ Morrison

labor gina liano scott morrison

The Federal Labor Party just referenced The Real Housewives of Melbourne in an official campaign video about Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Alright. You’ve got the gays and I’s attention.

A spokesperson behind the party’s official Twitter account posted the video on Monday. The clip was taking a swing at Morrison’s conflicting stance on electric vehicles.

Morrison publicly campaigned against electric cars in 2019. But he denied condoning them when he was asked about it in November last year. Classic Morrison TBH.

So the Labor Party quoted the queen of bullshit detecting: Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano. It cut to Liano calling out a fellow housewife for being two-faced.

“I don’t understand a friend who says one thing to your face and then turns around and tells the girls something else,” Liano says.

“I’ve had enough. I’ve actually had enough.”

Okay. Who at the Labor Party hired the meme queen behind @GenZForAlbo?

“Who did this? Give them a raise,” said one user when the vid was posted on Insta.

“Bloody brilliant! Labor[‘s] social media team is killing it,” added another.

This vid is giving Instagram meme page. At this point they should just quote Liano’s “you need to snap the fuck out of it” speech and aim it at the Libs.

In other Gina Liano news, the former RHOM icon spilled the tea on being Married At First Sight short king Dion Giannarelli‘s step-mum for 12 years. Folks, we were this close to a real-life reality TV dynasty, let us tell you.

Liano jumped on Hit FM’s Queensland breakfast show back in March to talk about her history with Giannarelli. Turns out she dated his dad for a good 12 years, and is still quite fond of the 34-year-old sparkly jacketed bloke.