RHOM’s Gina Liano Spilled The Tea About Being The Stepmum Of MAFS Short King Dion For 12 Years

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Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano opened up about her connection to Married At First Sight‘s short king Dion Giannarelli in a recent interview. Let me tell you, folks, we were this close to a proper chaotic reality TV dynasty.

The RHOM queen jumped on Hit FM’s Queensland breakfast show this week to chat about her history with Dion — who quit MAFS this week after the cheating fiasco. Turns out she dated his dad for a good 12 years, and is still quite fond of the 34-year-old sparkly jacketed bloke.

Gina said she hadn’t seen Dion for “a long time” but watched his run on the chaos-driven reality show despite their distance. Gina dated Dion’s father Dean Giannarelli for 12 years, including a brief split with him while she filmed RHOM and he moved to the US in 2014.

Gina said she suspected Dion — who would have been 18 when Gina and Dean got together — wasn’t a big fan of her being the “new woman” after his parents moved on after their own split.

“He was typically challenged by the relationship I had with his father because it wasn’t his mother,” she said.

“A lot of young boys, or kids, are like that when the father or parent moves on.

“It was a long time ago, but we travelled together and I’m very fond of Dion. I don’t know if he’s particularly fond of me.”

The same radio show had actually asked Dion about his ex-stepmum after he left the MAFS experiment this week, and it sure sounds like he doesn’t really want anything to do with her.

He quite literally corrected the hosts Cliffo and Gabi about his dad’s relationship status with her and then dismissed the whole question.

“I’ll correct you there, they used to date,” Dion said when Gabi said they dated off and on.

When Gabi asked if he had any insight into reality TV after having a Real Housewife as a stepmum for most of his 20s, he pretty much said “next question, please”.

“To be honest with you, I had nothing to do with Real Housewives Of Melbourne or Gina’s involvement with it all.”

Sounds like Gina Liano really hit the nail on the head with her read. But God do I want to watch both of them in a MAFS and RHOM crossover reunion episode or something, though.