Karen From Brighton Has Returned To Her Titular Suburb And Is Already Singing About Lockdown

karen from brighton covid song lockdown

Jodi Grollo, AKA ‘Karen from Brighton’ has returned to her home of Brighton after a seven-month stint on the Noosa Shire of Queensland. It’s good (I guess) to have her back, but of course, she’s announced her return with a song about COVID.

The infamous ‘Karen from Brighton’ who originally rose to popularity after stating on national telly that she had done ‘all of Brighton’, is finally back in the arms of her favourite suburb in the country.

Back in October, she announced that she and her North Face jacket would be hitting up Noosa for some much needed time away from Dan Andrews, who at the time she was “fed up” with.

Naturally, she announced her big move in a song, because who doesn’t love to hear the extraordinary vocal stylings of Miss Grollo every now and then.

Now it seems she’s turned a new leaf, and is back from her holiday with a brand new song to sing (literally). Unfortunately for her though, she landed herself right back in Victoria just as the new lockdown kicked off, so she probably won’t be walking all of Brighton anytime soon.

For clarity, please read the following quotes to the tune of Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) by The Backstreet Boys.

“Everybody, yeah yeah, I’m so sorry, yeah yeah, everybody, lock your doors tonight. COVID’s back, alright,” Grollo sang on her latest Instagram post.

“Oh my god, it’s back again. Everybody’s locked inside again. COVID’s back another variant now, twelve months on and we still don’t know how.

“Is it the original? Mayyyyybe. Can we blame Dannyyyy? Not likeeeeely.

“All I know is that we need to lock our bloody doors again tonight!”

If you don’t believe that this actually happened, please enjoy the video for yourself.

Well, for entertainment’s sake at least, it’s good to have Karen from Brighton back where she belongs, safe in the arms of her titular suburb.

All we ask is that she doesn’t sing in any more of her Instagram videos and I think we can make this return work for all of us.

If you need me I’m off to try and get the unfortunately catchy “COVID’s back all right!” out of my head.