A Comedy Duo Infiltrated FuckJerry To Pitch The Concept Of Stealing Content & It Is Beautiful

Comedy duo The Good Liars have shared around a video of them face-to-face with the head of partnerships at Jerry Media, where they pitched the FuckJerry own “content aggregation” business model to them. Needless to say, it is absolute gold.

The Good Liars, which includes the comedic talents of Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig posted the video to their TikTok on Thursday, in which they can be seen in the office of Alex Paramithiotti, the head of partnerships for Jerry Media AKA FuckJerry.

In the clip, the two propose the wild idea of taking content from FuckJerry, refusing to credit them, and putting it up on their own Instagram. This, of course, is exactly what FuckJerry does all the time, so it was simply beautiful to see how the turns have tabled.

Naturally, the pair were immediately kicked out for wasting Paramithiotti’s time, but not before trying to steal a mug from his office on their way out. In the end, they got the mug and made their point on camera, and folks, you just love to see it.

“So you guys are going to take our content, you’re going to create an account, you’re gonna syndicate it there, and you’re not gonna credit Fuck Jerry? I don’t see that happening you guys,” says Paramithiotti.

“We learned this from you guys!” answer The Good Liars.

This isn’t the first time the duo have snuck into a location swimming with comedy potential, either.

In July, the pair went to a Donald Trump rally and called him “boring” after tricking him into thinking they were passionate supporters. Have a peep at the spicy footage below.


FuckJerry has become a source of media ridicule for quite some time now, with calls to cancel the entire page completely alongside its founder Elliot Tebele. Just last year, the hashtag #FuckFuckJerry trended worldwide, with everyone collectively calling out their fked business model of stealing content and claiming it as their own.

At the beginning of this month, the FuckJerry page stole from Brown Cardigan, calling a magpie a hawk in what was truly the most brainless copy-paste of this century.

Three cheers for The Good Liars finally sticking it to FuckJerry. You love to see it.