‘FuckJerry’ Is Charging $12K For Meme Advice & Obvs We’re In The Wrong Job

Have you ever wanted to be a social media lord? Looking to grow your following by gigantic proportions? Sick, have you got a spare $12K lying around?

That’s right, for a cool $12,554.34, Jerry Media – the digital agency behind the Instagram meme page, fuckjerry – will “create a Facebook ad strategy for your startup”. No, really, they have a bunch of ridiculous offers on Fiverr right now. 
While they’ll also create you custom memes for around $1,900, the priciest package claims to “infuse millennial humor seamlessly while providing native promotion to products or services.” It includes audience development, pixel setup and content schedule. They won’t make any of that content for you, though.

Not that you’d want that anyway. Fuckjerry is notorious for ripping off other people’s original content and claiming it as their own. 

“Jerry Media has built an audience that spans from gen Z to gen Y,” the page says. “We provide organic growth within the online comedy community and set the trends that span all social media platforms. Paired with our in-house analytics we can assess and execute strategies to target the right audience.”

So if you’re keen on learning how to build an audience through plagiarism, Jerry Media have got what you need, at one hell of a premium. 

Seriously, who in their right fucking mind is going to pay $3,700 for 6 memes? Get the fuck outta here, dude. 
For $2,500 you can also get an Instagram account audit. Think about that for a second. You pay $2,500 for someone to critique your fucking Instagram profile? Lmao, get fucked. 
This is insane. Do not pay for this. 

Photo: FuckJerry.

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