FuckJerry, the meme-based marketing enterprise known for spruiking Fyre Festival, is trying to offer brands a collaboration with that anonymous, record-breaking egg Instagram account – and marketing types are reportedly really bloody interested.

According to The Atlantic, FuckJerry has teed up an unofficial partnership with @world_record_egg, the account which last month succeeded in its goal to have the most-liked post in Instagram’s history.

In case you have better things to do than fret over the power rankings on social media, @world_record_egg made international headlines after the number of likes on its simple image of an egg eclipsed the number of likes amassed on a post by former record-holder Kylie Jenner.

That feat wasn’t the end of the novelty account, however. In recent days, @world_record_egg has shared images of a slowly-cracking egg to the account’s 9.6 million followers, heralding… something. FuckJerry is now offering brands the opportunity to be that something.

The Atlantic reports the opportunity to collaborate with the account has been shopped out to a single-issue lobbying group Need to Impeach, with the premise that @world_record_egg could share the message “Impeach Trump.”

That offer was turned down by Need to Impeach, but it suggests the kind of marketing opportunities available to anyone who wishes to spend bulk bucks to post their own message on a novelty Instagram account. One marketing type told The Atlantic the eventual post could be worth as much as AUD $13.7 million.

While it seems stupid, and it is stupid, the possibility of having a message disseminated to millions of people by Instagram’s algorithm is awfully enticing to a certain subset of people whose jobs require them to sell you shit, constantly.

Watch this space for news on an anonymous egg’s political leanings or preferred brand of toilet paper, we guess.

Source: The Atlantic
Image: Anadolu Agency / Getty Images