To celebrate one million followers on Instagram – a bloody huge effort – Brown Cardigan has looked back on its top 100 posts. And hooley dooley, it is a RIDE and a half. Strap in.

The beloved treasure trove of Straya content turned 10 (!) this year, which is just unreal. There are literally thousands of posts on the IG and far too many to shout-out, but the one that immediately comes to mind is that bloke who crashed his car into the ditch, got his dog out, and then just fucken legged it even though he was being filmed. It just really loosens my juices. That one, and SNAPCHAT DAD.

“10 years I’ve been doing this account, yep – even those times when someone didn’t like a post or two and made up rumours at kickons (probably) that we (there’s two of us) had “sold” the account and was under new administration. Silly pelicans.” Brown Cardigan wrote on Insta.

“We’ve survived the meme wars of 2013-14, special shout to FuckJerry for trying to overshadow us by creating the account beigecardigan, but the Australian people knew what was up and can tell the fakes from the frauds.”

Far out, I forgot about the whole FuckJerry thing.

Brown Cardigan also thanked all its followers for sending in the content and for sticking by them when it got randomly Zucc’d in 2019, only to return one day later. Remember that? What a time.

“But the nice people @Instagram are rootin for us now and tbh they’re quite lovely,” BC added.

So to celebrate the milestone, Brown Cardigan has dropped its top 100 posts ranked in no particular order.

The elephant one – ahahahaha.

Part two has Snapchat Dad and lettuce man!!!!

Fucken good cheese sausage, innit!!!?

“Please recognise it’s hard pick even 100 from over 11k posts over 10 years,” BC wrote, adding that if your fave didn’t crack the list then it’s probably on the backup account, otherwise known as @browncardigan69. It’s where all the “classiqués” are, anyway.

You can find all ten parts of the top 100 on Brown Cardigan now.

This top 100 stitch really should be a yearly thing, hey?

Image: Brown Cardigan